Which monster would you be scared of most?

So yeah I can’t decide if I’d be scared of Goliath or Behemoth most. What about you guys?

Wraith because of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do jack squat about anything it can do.

Kraken. <bbbbbbb

I wanna hug them all as long as I wouldn’t get killed. I’m not scared of any of them.

You say that yet I bet you’d be the guy to scream like a little girl as soon as you saw one of them coming at you. Dont be salty though because I’d be there right with you trying to see who can reach the higher note :joy::joy::joy:

I’m saving myself for marriage!
Behoth. I can’t do blood

Obviously being the glass half full guy that I am if I saw the behemoth kraken or goliath coming at me I’d just sit there and wait to get munched…I’d be most scared of wraith ya don’t see it coming that thing spooky

Haha I love how you described Wraith :joy::joy::joy:

Wraith, if id see a goliath id be used to it, if i saw a behemoth i would go ‘‘AWESOME’’, if i see a kraken i know its more of a clever animal than a monster, but the wraith… it creeps me out, and imagining her scythe going throught your body adds insult to injury.

Behemoth and Goliath.

I would become Kraken’s general.

Wraith is too sexy to be scared of her.

@MidnightRoses Because of his tentacles??

Kraken is the creepiest, in terms of design. His face…Eeergh. And his abilities? The other Monsters you can dance around and dodge but not Kraken, no.

And the tentacles are pretty…Gulp.

I’m being completely serious. They look so cool! :blush:

Behemoth… Those eyes l, man

What’s wrong with screaming like a little girl? ;-;

Evolve is sexist. :wink:

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Like what i said, i was Kraken’s general, I just played a game as an invisible monster and i was scaring every bird possble to annoy the hunters.

Kraken still lost, sadly… (and i got killed after because Maggie’s harpoons caught me, revealing my position.)

Behemoth, he spews lava, creates walls, and picks full grown humans up from several meters away with his tongue. ^.-

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But he cannot move Daisy because she’s a fatso.

And Behemoth is a close second, to me.

Behemoth. Those eyes when you’re backing into a cave… Scary stuff!

Mammoth Bird. Desert Nomad in second. Obsidian Beetle in third.

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