Which Monster will you be using?


I have not yet had the chance to play as the wraith, so I will definitely check her out (huehuehue)

Between Goliath and Kraken, I have to say goliath is my favorite. I get to go in and smash some heads, and jump out like I wasn’t even there. I feel like as the kraken you have to commit so much more into fights because it is harder to get away. Plus who doesn’t like breathing fire?


I really like playing as all three so I will switch around to who I feel like that day. I would say kraken is my favorite to play even if i need more practice.


Either you join in the Kraken force or die trying to stop him. :kraken_stare:


I do like playing the kraken also, but I just can’t get over how awesome Goliath is =D

Plus im not that great with those skillshots (vortex in particular)


Wraith, she is my love…

I mean uh, something, something supernova is cool.


I will probably be using Goliath most, the mini Godzilla style he has is just awesome.


I’m probably going to rotate I need work on kraken but Goliath and wraith I feel comfortable. I’m actually fine with the nerfs to wraith I found myself often playing a more abduct centered game anyway although I will say landing long range abducts tempts me to play with my food


I definitely like all of them but Goliath will always be my favorite. He’s just such a classic monster.


Kraken because it’s beautiful.


I honestly don’t play Kraken, I find his controls and flight mode so complicated and picky at times…

Which sucks because I like everything about him otherwise.


I really enjoy all but I think I go Kraken, Goliath, Wraith (although didn’t play much of it). I loooove the skill shotting of lightning strike and rock throw, I generally put 3 into either of them when I stage to lvl 2, so much fun.


Kraken because I’m into that Japanese stuff with tentacles.

Also Pikachu and Cthulhu combined, so yeah. Fucking Thunderbolt.


Goliath was my favorite in the beta, but i have yet to try out the Wraith.


Each to his own, I suppose?

Personally, I love Goliath’s sense of raw power, but Kraken’s devious air, and Wraith’s evilness, and Behemoth, and the fifth guy… Probably all of them equally.


TBH I will probably just binge Evolve until I can get all the monsters maxed out >=D


I’ll probably use Wraith due to the fact that she’s the “stab, stab, stab” monstar of the group. Not to mention I REALLY wanted to play her during the beta, but drama and all that jazz.

Can’t wait!


Personally, I think the Kraken is more evil. That’s why he’s the best! I mean, he is called Death from Above. He’s like a sadistic, evil ballerina with tentacles and lightning bolts.


((I named my Kraken Pikachu.))


You… actually that’s a rather apt description.


It takes a Monster to understand how to control a Monster. I sold Kraken my soul. That’s why he’s never failed me. 100-0 and counting…