Which monster is better against premades?

  • Wraith
  • Gorgon

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These are the only monsters I can play decently in ranked (I hoping I don’t get waste land cuz she just makes my brain explode.)


I can’t decide they are both bad choices :confounded:


I think Wraith has a better chance against premades. Gorgon to me is far too weak in stage 3. At least if you can get Wraith to stage 3 you could fight at the relay. However, I prefer to engage before stage 3 always, in stage 2. But even so, I feel Wraith has more utility against a team that knows what they are doing and fights as a unit. I good premade isn’t going to fall for Gorgon’s spider trap which is key to combo attacks with Gorgon.


Wraith isn’t a bad choice.

Against pre-mades, you’ll most likely be better off with Wraith, her quick burst damage will give you a better chance of downing people, rather than Gorgons slow as hell Dots.


These are both terrible picks.



I know but kraken is my absolute worst monster ;_;


But you have to go with the question at hand…Wraith or Gorgon. I argue that Gorgon needs her combos more than Wraith does in order to down hunters. A good team can dodge most of Gorgon’s combing whereas Wraith is faster and doesn’t rely on using everything in her inventory to try for just 1 down penalty.


Wraith is actually a really good choice since her speed and combat agility force the hunters to be extra mindful of their positioning since she is very good at punishing bad positioning.

Also she has one of the highest burst potentials in the game (harder to pull off at the moment because of air heavy change) so she is a very solid pick.

Gorgon is not because she has near zero burst potential due to how everything is a dot attack (except mimic which is easy to stop) so hunters can either mitigate or flat out outlast you with heals and shields.


Kraken. He has no weaknesses whatsoever. He’s your worst monster? Fu*k that, with current “balance” against premade you will do more with bad Kraken than good Wraith/Gorgon


Of the two Wraith wins by miles both are terrible though.


Both are absolutely terrible currently. Wraith honestly would be the best for it.


Wraith all the way. Gorgon lacks oomph.


Alright, seems everyone is picking wraith.

I’ve got another question.

My build is usually 3 WB 2 Abduct 1 Super nova

But should I instead make it 1 abduct 2 super nova?

What do you guys think?

  • Pick 1 Abduct 2 Super Nova
  • Pick 2 Abduct 1 Super Nova

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I would take the 2x super, personally (that’s my build anyways) since you don’t really need the extra range on abduction and you benefit more from the extra duration and damage of supernova to secure a down in a pinch.


Abduct is a one point wonder as you’ll usually just end up shotgunning it at short range, so any extra points in are wasted because all it really does is boost range.


Ok, I thought if I had 2 points the damage would increase a little bit but now that I know it’s only the range then I’m gonna pick 2 Super Nova form now on.

I can’t wait for the micro patch WB is gonna get buffed in damage its gonna make wraith a lot deadlier and of course everything else but WB is the one I’m most excited for >.<


Nope. It’s quite popular to put more points into it because it reduces the cooldown a bit


I can see that, I just never really feel the cooldown, but iunno, I don’t play Wraith all that much.


While that does help, I personally prefer having the extra duration to secure a down if necessary with supernova.

Iunno, the minus 1 second duration to me doesn’t seem as worth it as much as the extra duration on supernova.


Yeah I’m no wraith expert but I know nimp would typically put at least 2 points into it and I’m happy to think that if he’s doing it then it makes sense.