Which monster abilities can Markov's mines counter?


I know his mines protect you from getting damage of Rock Throw but what about Lightning Strike? Or other monster abilities.



I feel dumb now…


I second this revelation.


Yes, stand near the mine and you’ll only take the mine’s knockback. Better than getting hit by a Rock Throw.


Yarp, this is a nice little tactic.

I believe it does the same for Vortex and Banshee Mines. A lot of abilities will be made riskier by the mines but not disrupted like Charge, LS, SN, etc.


Hmm, so projectiles only you’d say? Example: it may counter lavabomb but not the area overtime burning effect ?


Lava Bomb has a massive splash, some damage would still transfer.


Seems like I’ll have to do some testing on this one with a friend. I’ll update when further information.


its better to actually stand BEHIND the mine properly. That way you dont risk the rock hitting you in the face AND you wont get pushed back by the Mines explosion.


It’s better to just dodge the rock altogether because then you won’t waste a mine either. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah. I’d conserve my fuel by blocking it with a Mine and then use that fuel to dodge the rest of the goliaths stuff all together.


Why does Markov even wear armor. He should wear Arc Mines and just walk into everything.


A Wraiths Warpblast and Abduction lol at his mines though…