Which medics are good compared with our offense sups?


Except lazarus! which medics can work well with supports like bucket, cabot and kala?
laz got cloak for survive thats why he is a good pick all the time for those sups.
caira got speed boost to survive but the recharge is too long cause she can boost others too.
val can slow the monster but is that enough?
slim got spore clouds but is that enough?
emet hmmm …


It varies on the amount of mitigation the medic can do. A good slim who can strafe and dodge the monster is deadly. His spores also can help him.

Rogue Val has her HB that heals 80% or so of her health. This means the monster has a harder time downing her because she can heal herself, whereas other medics have a HB that doesn’t heal enough to help them if they are targeted.


R Val and Caira are popular picks when using a support without shields. They’ve got good self-sustainability and great healing. I’d personally go with Caira, though. She’s just all-around cooler than R Val.


But careful with Caira because of the aim needed (harder on console) and that teammates in the air are pretty difficult to heal, overall Caira would be better then Rval, however Rval is a more failsafe pick with healing aura on teammates and the easy aim.

  • Val because she’s the best right now, I would say (or hope) that changes slightly in the future.
    Also has the best single-target healing, making sure that FT3 by just instantly downing the Trapper everytime he throws a dome isn’t insanely easy for the Monster.

  • Rogue Val because thanks to her high one-time Heal Burst before she’s guaranteed to go down without Hank or Sunny (we’re talking about fighting against a decent Monster, right?). She will make sure that getting the Medic down will always take a certain minimum amount of time that, assuming your offensive Support and Assault do their job, costs the Monster too much health.

  • Caira because of her mobility while healing, works great against the easily kiteable Monsters like Goliath and Behemoth.

Normally I’d include Slim thanks to his Spore Clouds but he’s as situational as a Medic could possibly ever be. I’d love to say “Yeah Slim is great too, he’s like a one-man-army” but you’ll just end up regretting having picked him over the above 3 choices when the Monster turns out to be Kraken or Wraith.


We use laz bucket every now and then




clearly bucket emet is the only acceptable combo


When using an offensive support I like to have torvald on the team. His shrapnel is great to help bucket he can help kala deal crazy damage with CC. Cabot can benefit from the weakspots from shrapnel and even boost the damage everyone gets off the weakspots i feel is just in a nice spot and can really help out any team accustomed to not having shields to fall back on


Thanks Rick ^^


Rogue Val works as good as Laz. Caira and Emet are decent too.

Slim doesn’t work. If he is working for you, it’s just because you are better than the monster player. Slim needs shields to tank and shoot.

Val does not have the self sustain at all.


Like I said, it comes down how well the medic can mitigate. If slim is just out of range then he’s great, just keep on sporing him.

But a Slim that is up front and fighting will not survive.


a slim that’s out of range won’t survive either because that’s how he gets his heals done tho? i think personally slim doesn’t work as well as emet, laz or r-val with a damage comp. he’s still very squishy without hank or sunny to help him. unless it’s behemoth


But every medic needs the range, except Emet. RVal has a shorter range than Val, but she’s good because she can sustain herself if she’s caught off guard. If slim has the positioning he can be deadly. His spores are what makes him eligible imo.




you know it my dude !!! :emetoh::bucket::blue_heart::yellow_heart:


Wow just realized I totally miss read the topic title earlier. It does not say “which hunter”. So while yes I do prefer torvald as assault when rolling an offensive support, as far as medics go I prefer emet or caira so they can heal themselves with more than just healburst


Rouge val / Emet

Caira can be a useful pick because of 30 meter healing burst range + slow on movement removed


I personally like Caira with MS perk and an Abe as the trapper, but you’ll need to be able trust your team. Because Caira can’t keep herself up if the monster splits the damage between her and a teammate.

Rogue Val is a safer pick, I guess because she provides damage with the AOE healing.

Third pick would be Slim, you’ll need a hard trapper to provide some protection.

Once EMET gets his needed healing buff, I’d say he’d be the best medic against offensive support.


Bucket as support, use EMET as medic
Cabot as support, use slim or R-Val as medic
Kala as support, use movement speed Caira as medic (the team, especially the medic, needs really good dodges to pull that comp off.)