Which Medic is best in


Just wondering what people prefer for Medic on Rescue Maps. They are all viable choices really.

Val can slow the monster down to give Survivors a chance to escape, and she can heal from a 60m range.

Lazarus can resurrect dead survivors with no health strikes. So, yeah. There’s that.

Caira has some of the best healing in the game. Her and Hank make an absolutely devastating Rescue (or any other game mode besides Defend) combo.

Slim can go for those long range revives. That Healing Drone is serious man. Not to mention his constant healing burst.

So here’s how we’re gonna do this! Since polls are constantly broken, I’m gonna make four posts under this, each with a different Hunters picture. Just “Like” the post with the picture to “vote”, per-say. Feel free to put your reasoning as to why you chose the character you did at the bottom.











Reserved for those who don’t (like) to play rescue.

  • that mode is absolutely boring.


If you don’t like playing Rescue then you don’t have to do this. I still find enjoyment in all the modes. Granted, I find Hunt and Defend more fun than the rest, but still.



Ok I’m playing rescue in 1 of 50 games and when I’m playing it I’m picking Slim cuz it’s my fav char atm and ye I can up survivors from 100 meters. But don’t think he is the best. Also don’t think that Val is great for that. Best option is probably Caira and Lazarus imo.

Edit: Caira is absolutely best cuz I just realized that if you get up survivors with Laz they will have no full hp. You need to heal them twice for the full hp.



Pretty sure that happens with all hunters. When you res a hunter they aren’t at full health, so you have to use your burst.



Ye that’s prob true but I think you will heal them with one burst for the full but survivors need 2.

Final results:

  1. Caira
  2. Lazarus
  3. Slim
  4. Val


Hm. That’s pretty close to my line up. Although, the cool thing is that Slim can revive two hunters at a time. At the end of the match there are five hunters down.

My teams usual strategy is two have me as Slim reviving two people, having Daisy and two other team mates reviving the others, and having Assault distract the monster.

Honestly, I’d say Slim is probably tied with Laz for my line up.



Yes for my line up is Slim best character in the world, even better than all champions in league of legends and all heroes in dota 2. :stuck_out_tongue:



True, however Survivors decay in 15 seconds. It’s ridiculously easy to wait that out. Lazarus is good for getting them up once but after that, he’s useless.

Val and Caira are excellent choices. Caira a little moreso, I have to say.

Slim i sthe best simply because of that drone. Cross map revives are insane on this mode. Plus spore clouds shut down a monster attacking survivors.



This is interesting and I agree that they are all viable. Before Sunny, I would’ve said Caira for her speed boost. Which you don’t mention because getting to the survivors quickly is invaluable. Especially when the monster is racing you to that last group.

I will say, I don’t find Laz’s lack of strikes thing very useful. What is nice is when a survivor is killed, he can resurrect them. This has secured the win in a few matches I’ve played.

So yeah, they’re all fine choices, really.

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I gotta go Slim just cuz hes my favorite medic, I get to shoot shit and heal at the same time, its amazing.
But if I wanna win with 0 challenge at all then I go Caira, cuz you know, EZ.




1: Slim because his drone can heal them from 100m and get them up fast.

2: Lazarus because despite his lack of medic abilities, he can keep the strikes down and bring idiot AI survivors alive

3: Val can pick them up from a distance, which can turn the tide

4: Caira - as much as everyone loves her, she only has a speed advantage, which can easily be made up by having Sunny boost other Medics, her Grenades don’t heal a single target as fast as Val

This is for Rescue mode.



Rule #1: Vote for the hot chick.



Slim’s name is Alex?






Yep. Alex is Slim’s real name.

When Slim is the last one left, he will occasionally say something like, “Okay Alex, keep it together. You can do this.”