Which is your favorite Evolve character?


My favorite by far is Abe. I love the whole John Marston look and his easy going, humorous, and I don’t take anyone’s shit personality. I’m sure this topic came up but I am genuinely interested in knowing others favorite so list it below!


Mah Boi Slim Is Da Best


it be duh reelest homie Lazawrecker



Because he fuckin’ melts fuckin’ faces with his fuckin’ flamethrower.

Up close like.


My favorites are tied between Sunny and Caira because of their spunky personalities but I guess I’ll pick Sunny over Caira.




Behemoth of course. He’s got a little bit of a rocky exterior, but on the inside he’s just a big mushy teddy bear that wants to hug you!.. to death.


Lazarus, the harvester of salt.


Salt from monsters losing to Laz is the best salt. Because you’ve taken an insanely difficult character and done well with him to the point of inducing salt. >.>

As for me, Crow. No contest. >.<


My favorite hunter is Slim. He has gone through a lot yet he is humble and sincere.

My favorite monsters are Goliath and Behemoth because they feel, act, and look like how monsters are supposed to be.


You need to stop asking me this… It’s always gonna be Hyde. <3


I Dont like Hunters…

I prefert the monsters but for my is hard to Select

I Play so much whit Kraken, he is like a Wizard, a amazing attacks, he is Beautiful, hot and sexy <3

I Dont good whit Goliath, he is hard to me but is cute he remaind me my childhood (Greymon, Charizard, Trex From JP Godzilla) he is Strong! And also is sexy too :3

I cant decide x3


Hey buddy you forgot a monster in your list…Sexy Wraith :wink:

@MidnightRoses @Quirkly


Yeah, Wraith is sexy and misterius. :3


:goliath_roar: :goliath_roar: :goliath_roar:

Best character.

Ok, if it has to be a hunter, probably Hyde. :hyde:


My favorite has to be Caira. Love how she cheerfully says hello to giant wildlife. Abe/Sunny tie in second.


Personality: Slim
Gameplay: My friend Griffen


Hank is love hank is life


It is tied between Bucket, Slim, and Hyde.


Hanky panky