Which is the absolute worst?


An assault that doesn’t damage? A trapper that doesn’t trap? A support that doesn’t support? Or a medic that doesn’t heal?

Unfortunately I’ve experienced all of these (poor me) and all are very annoying but I have to say a assault that doesn’t damage is the absolute worst. Reasons being is if a trapper does trap you can always fight at the relay, if a healer doesn’t heal there’s always a health regen perk, if a support doesn’t support you can kinda get away with it if you’re good at being evasive. But if a assault doesn’t deal damage you’re always more than likely going to lose. The objective is to kill the monster and if the monster isn’t feeling any sort of pressure it doesn’t matter how much times you catch the monster it will just armor up and give strikes. What does the evolve community think?


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1: I thought they were called Medics :stuck_out_tongue:
and 2: I would say a Medic that doesn’t heal


this. Healers that don’t heal, rip.

The second most annoying is the trapper.

In a perfect world all players should be perfectly in sync, but damage and sustain can still happen depending on the comp, despite having a sketchy assault. If trappers don’t dome and force fights or apply cc, it’s another irritating flee till 3 scenario. I’m sure there are plenty of valid arguments for any class not holding their own.


I say incompetent Trappers are the worst. Nothing is more annoying to me than when the team is chasing the Monster, we get close to them and engage in combat, and the Trapper just shoots and never deploys the dome.


Assaults that don’t do damage


Medics that dont heal, hands down.

If the assault doesnt do damage- Oh well. Theres 3 other people to dish out punish.

Support doesnt “support”? If the teams doing enough damage and staying alive, ill take that.

Trapper doesnt trap? The monsters going to have to come in for the relay anyways.

But a medic that doesnt heal? Any monster can stage 1 a team if the medic doesnt heal.

That said- All of these things suck nuts.


Or super elite 360 no scope Vals… :disappointed:


They’re equally annoying…

If I had to pick one it’d be the Trapper who doesn’t trap or the trapper who goes rambo and expects his team to keep up with him when he picked MS and the rest of us went with something else… 3… dome… 2… monster grabs and pounces… 1… down. Then let the salt flow.


I’d say the Assault.

He’s the one man army who’s supposed to deliver the pain while the other 3 Hunters form a perfect defensive triangle (in most Supports’ cases, that is) that cannot so easily be broken and requires a lot of focus from the Monster.

But it is absolutely the worst to keep that triangle going dodge after dodge, hit after hit and then inevitably crumble, at which point the Assault should’ve finished the job long ago but instead is still struggling with the armor bar.

You can be a part of that triangle as long as you possibly can, but at some point one of the 3 is gonna go down and if your Assault isn’t doing his job of making sure the Monster is dead or close to dead when that happens, you’re never gonna win that match. Period.


medic that thinks hes cod sniper 360 no scopes


My list:
Markov just because his lightning gun branches out and kill multiple targets. How tf does it help kill the monster? He’s more of a wildlife assault.

His only flaw would be his harpoon gun. It’s only effective when the team is split in a dome or monster is running. Jack is more effective from anywhere with los.

His UAV is useless in a dome and people don’t use their cloak to help medics. That’s a lot of stress on medic and trapper.

Like bucket, his dust is useless in a dome unless he’s hiding, but a good trapper can find him. People also don’t use cloak to help others.

While his res glove is OP, it’s only op if it works. He does shit healing, and a medics job is to heal. Too many players don’t realize he is bad against Golaith, MG, Behemoth, and Gorgon. Overall a big target on his back.


I don’t know. This kind of all depends on the comp. If my assault isn’t dealing damage, that’s okay if there’s other characters with great damage possibilities on the team, but if not, we’re sunk.

Support I could take or leave and I’d say most online games I play are with a Lazarus who sucks. Seriously, so many people pick him and so few know how to use him. So, I’m used to not being healed.

I guess I’d go with the trapper who doesn’t trap. In these cases, it doesn’t matter how much damage you dish out if you can’t wrangle the monster. He will just keep running, evolving and getting his armor back.


Teammates that revive when Laz is on the team


Really against a semi competent monster every class needs to be doing its job or if one is faltering the entire team tends to fall. Though I have to side with medic. There is nothing like a medic that will not heal at all, allowing hunters to go into an engagement with partial health. Depending on the team I think there are ways you can bypass bad Trapper, Support and Assault play.


Use communication . It will help them out

Teach them how to play and how to win

Give them facts . Tell them not to do the same mistake . Be convincing

If they still don’t do their job . Talk shit to them until they do it - or you can get out of the lobby

On importance
Medic that doesn’t heal is the worst …

Support that doesn’t shield - to keep the team a live

Trapper - doesn’t trap him - monster will be stronger

Assault . Is the least character you shouldn’t worry about because it will increase or reduce the fights only

Note :

Trapper & support can switch their rank on importance based on monster level

The higher monster level is … support is more important

Low level monster … trapper is more important


I changed it back to general, since it isn’t specifically about hunters but more of a general discussion of players not doing their job.

On topic, it’s a hard decision here. I’ve played with all of these types as well.

The worst medics are the Laz players that cloak and chase the monster alone. They always think sniping a monster solo is going to win the game. Lol.

And even the trappers. Even if they dome the monster, I’ve played with plenty that just shoot the monster and don’t CC at all.

I always tell new guys to just do their job.


Anyone who picks Caira. Never seen a good caira.