Which is better harpoon, or stasis? poll

  • Harpoon
  • Stasis

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just wondering


They’re pretty situational. Stasis can be good against monsters with no traversals ready and escaping monsters. Harpoons mostly hinder traversals and such. Idk, this is how I feel about them.




I like stasis more, you can’t break stasis and it can force a monter to use their resources which are traversals, movememt abilities etc.







Harpoon/repulsor cause Val has basically stasis and even without tranqs harpoon/repulsor can cancel abilities.


Harpoon, particular one’s.


Griffin harpoon FTW


I vote Harpoons cus Goliath is all I play, though Stasis is definitely highly underrated.

Probably because it doesn’t present instant payoff, but dang is it crippling to see a melee-oriented Monster so slow that he needs to waste traversals just to stay in range of light melee attacks.


I usually play Goliath or Behemoth and I can definitely say that harpoons cause me greater problems than stasis. Especially harpoons in the back.


It really depends on the Monster. I’d prefer stasis against Wraith, Gorgon and Kraken, but I’d prefer harpoons against Goliath and Behemoth.


Harpoon against Goliath and Gorgon because you can interrupt jumps, cliff climbing and in the case of Goliath even Leap Smash.

Stasis against Wraith, Kraken, Behemoth.
If the Behemoth does roll a lot, Harpoon might be good, too.


Repulsor master race,

stasis and harpoons both have their pros and con’s, these procons not only effect the CC kit but also the whole hunter kit.

Soft or Slow CC trappers do higher damage than Trappers with hard CC. Jack however cab do both, he has more damage than a hard trapper and Abe but has output that rivals even that of Crow. Who is meant to be the biggest damage dealer of the class.

so yeah, repulsors are better.


Harpoons. Specifically, Maggie’s harpoons. The sound of them going off is SOOOOOO satisfying… It’s one of the reasons I game in my underwear… jk :stuck_out_tongue:


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