Which hunter

Hi just a quick a question I have got 7 dollars in my wallet and I dont know which hunter to buy from these hunters torvald or lennox or jack. Thank you in advance

lennox or jack tbh. Depends if you prefer assault of trapper. Torvald is fun, but Lennox and Jack are more fun imho

Thank u for ur reply I love to play with assaults and trappers but I would like to know which is more fun

In that case, I’d say go for Lennox. Assaults in general I regard as more fun to play, while trappers require more skill to be effective. So if you can only buy one, I’d say, go for Lennox

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Torvald is fun to use IMO. Nothing better than launching mortars and watching health DROP. too too too boom boom boom

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I actually like Jack more than Lennox. You can always try them both in solo to see which you like more, they aren’t locked there.


Thank u for that info

Hm… By rank of most fun to least for me, it’d probably go…

1: Jack
2: Lennox
3: Slim
4: Torvald
5: Crow/Gobi
6: Sunny

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I personally love torvald, best purchase I’ve made, next to that crow is better trapper for finding the monster, while jack is better trapper for fighting it

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Lennox if you love leap smashing and punching hunters.

Jack if you like running and gunning while being able to hold a monster in place.

Torvald if you can lead and actually use his grenade.


If you like both classes the same. I would say I think Jack is a little bit more fun to play, but Lennox is not far behind. can’t go wrong with whatever you pick.

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Thank u guys for helping me I have bought torvald and hei s simply amazing


Torvald is pretty cool. I personally like Jack and Lennox better, but eh. To each their own.

Well which one suits your playstyle more?

Torvald: keeping your distance to launch a deadly air strike onto your target

Lennox: get in the monster’s face and keep him at bay

Jack: help protect your team mates and yourself by controlling how quickly the monster can move


My vote is for Lenny or Jack. I, personally, have the most fun with those two.

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I love Lennox. She plays almost exactly like a Goliath, and I think that’s so badass.