Which hunter would be awesome if picked 4 times?


a team of four lazarus-men for example would be funny. everybody can cloak and revive his mate. could the monster win?
or four buckets with health-reg perk and 20 sentrys. ^^
which hunter would be most dangerous if picked four times?


4x Behemoths FTW


Torvald. Literally hell from above.

Slim. Nobody would die.

Sunny. Shield drones, nuclear bombs, and they all would be in the air while doing this.

Markov. Mine field simulator.

Griffin. Perma-lock down.



Your face was just burned.


Four Parnells would be a vicous assault. What about four characters from the same class?


Lol easy, four hanks with health regen


4 Maggie.

4 Daisy will always lead to a win.


Pre cabot nerf I always wished I would have a cabot amping my railgun headshots.


Four buckets. Nothing says fun like four lovable snarky robots dancing about a field of 20 turrets.


4 Slims. lol can you imagine the spores?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now… Four Vals.

“Hail Lady Val”


lmao imagine 4 slims just swarming the monster with shotguns and spamming heal


Four Hanks: nothing can survive that much beard. But in seriousness, all that shield and then four orbital drops ready to go.