Which hunter will end up being the biggest dud?


Which hunter after all the cool pics will be the least one played?


Depends on whoever the other 5 characters are and which character people want to play as. I won’t be playing as medic at all unless third medic is cool. I don’t do healing or sniping. My worst skills combined into one.


i will probably never use val. why play her when i can play Frankenstein the medic?


Here is my preference list: Monster, trapper, support, assult, blank. Monster because obvious reasons, trapper because of Daisy, and harpoon guns, support because of Bucket, and blank because I hate sniper classes and I hate the job of healing people. I’ll just get the auto heal regenerate perk.


For me personally? Hank.

Not that he’s not good, just not excited about his “kit” compared to others, especially his direct counterpart, Bucket.

Hunters preference would be most likely:


At least that’s about how excited I am to play each one.


I prefer Val over Lazarus. It’s cool how she has the tranquilliser gun as well as a sniper rifle. Plus you can revive from a distance with her so you can keep away from the monster and snipe/tranq it from afar


I’m actually least excited to play Lazarus I think. At first I really liked him but because his way of healing is harder than Val’s, it just makes your responsibility of keeping the team alive even more pressuring


New here, but thought this would be a good thread to chime in on.

First, I don’t really think any of the Hunters will be complete “duds”, as it seems like they all at a minimum bring useful class related benefits to the hunting party- be it mobile arenas, area cloaking, healing bursts etc.

I do think that some Hunters will be more popular than others, but that might be just as much about character design and personality than anything else. I think it’s a testament to clever design that some Hunters require different strategy to use and might be suited to some’s play style over others but ultimately I think it’s merely a matter of preference.


I think you’re right, it’s going to really come down to personal prefernce. Same with the monster too I think. I think there will be people who love Goliath and people who love Kraken.


As long as their are no “monster wars” like the console wars then i’m fine. I will probably be playing as both monsters and alternating which hunters I use each game.


I get the impression that turtle rock are putting in the effort to make sure nothing is underpowered. Simply from reading the class descriptions and watching gameplay, no individual power sticks out as inherently useless, so if any issues do arise they can be tweaked until they become effective.

Something a little more problematic is making sure gameplay is interesting for every class, and appeals to as many people as possible. I like the fact that there does seem to be a bit of variety. Hank seems quite defensive (in-spite of Orbital strike) so it is good that the next support character, Bucket, is quite aggressive. It would be good to have enough variety that there is a character in every class that suits every player, or as near to this as possible.


Well, you have to unlock each one before you can cycle them first :expressionless:


Honestly, I would say Maggie will be the least played… Especially if the Third Hunter is awesome sauce. My preference will be Monster>Trapper>Assault>Support (Healing is just not as fun to me, it has always been a role I tend to stay away from.) It is weird because I usually play DPS roles, but I think I will enjoy Trapper more than Assault… Maybe it is because the Monster and Trapper have such deep understanding of one another…


Nobody maul me, but I think I like Hank more than Bucket.

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And how can you not like Hank? His Shield Protector looks like the Matrix of Leadership! Every time he pulls the thing out, in my head I hear Optimus Prime say “Light our Darkest Hour.”


depends EB offers the 4 known male hunters unlocked as an extra pre-order bonus, this was meant to be replied to your other comment about unlocking hunters


Hey look I know I was a little annoyed about the beta being on xbox only, but we are all past that ok


I was comparing the monster wars more to the actual Nintendo vs Sega console war.


oh never thought about that


I’m not sure which hunter would be seen as a dud, but val is my choice however I haven’t had a chance to play, for me really I think that most hunters are equal