Which hunter gives you damage resistance perk?


so hunter level is 40 and along the way you unlock perks and you can see what perks you get when you level up that hunter i was wondering which hunter gives you Damage resistance silver or gold heres what my emet looks like as an example http://imgur.com/vg8w8pe

also i would like screen-shots of any hunter over level 10 so i see what perks i have to unlock… just untill they add that scroll wheel option


Hank and Sunny both specialise in damage resistance with their shields.


I don’t think that’s what he meant.


I wasn’t quiete sure what he meant either. Anybody care to elaborate?


@Parham, via this quote, I’d assume he means something to do with perks.


Ohhh ok. I havn’t played yet, so I don’t know how the perk system really works, but a mistake on my part, sorry!


which hunter do i have to level up to get the damage resistance perk


No clue. Let me tag some people who may know.

@TheMountainThatRoars, @ToiletWraith, @MrStrategio, @GentlemanSquirl, @MaddCow


Scratches chin

…Be right back.


Seems like you can unlock it through Hyde. I dont see DR perks on level 1 perks. I assume you can unlock it on all Assaults.

It’s also on level 3.


…He wants to know what hunter. I’m a dumbass.
…Sorry, I don’t know- but I can confirm it doesnt appear to be hyde- I suppose you can grind and unlock it instead tho


This thread is all giving me a facepalm

Just so everyone is on board he wants to know which hunter he should level up to get DR


look at the screenshot i took of emet when you level up each hunter you can unlock perks such as reach level 13 and 17 for emet gets you silver jump height


its like i asked which religion is the right one?


I’m sorry Q_Q It doesnt seem like you can unlock it with anything right now? or atleast from what I can see…


cool now i know what i get from leveling up parnell and emet