Which Hunter for What map


I was just kinda wondering which hunters everyone is using on what maps and seems to be working. Also which hunters do you think work best against the specific monster.


Currently I like running Caira as medic against the wraith.
Also griffin is awesome in Aviation (the giant bird cage looking one). Sound spikes allow you to see where the monster is.
Fair warning tho don’t Trap the monster in one of the caves unless it is a stage one or a stage 2 Kraken. Or you will just get burnt alive by Goliath or supernova by wraith at stage 2.
Still experimenting tho, What is working for you guys?


I really like Abe against Wraith (his dart is wonderful against decoy).
As Kraken I struggle against Lazarus as I find it really difficult to keep track of him


I need to try Abe I’m having a ruff time with the wraith. And I honestly don’t care for Lazarus to much, if the monster camps the body (like Kraken with AOE) It is so hard revive anyone. Kraken is extremely good at focusing bodies to with so much Aoe.


Also been reading the forums some say Griffin and Val are super good against the Kraken. Even though you don’t really get to see the monster they are picking before hand might be something if you see someone spamming the Wriath.