Which Hunter Class has the least impressive/effective/useful class ability?


And why?

:assault: Personal Shield
:support: Team Cloak
:trapper: Mobile Arena
:medic: Burst Heal

For me, it’s the :medic: Burst Heal

Whereas the other classes have abilities that can greatly benefit themselves or the team (invulnerability for Assault, invisibility for Support and the crucial movement restriction for Arena, the Burst Heal, as it stands, is rather unimpressive comparatively. It does little healing, takes a long time to charge and simply isn’t on the caliber in terms of usefulness as the other classes. Assault’s benefits himself, but has great utility. Support’s benefits the team, though they need to be mindful to use it well. The Trapper benefits the whole team, allowing the Hunters to control engagement. The Medics, like the Support, requires the players to cooperate somewhat, but the overall health healed is insignificant and really only safe in choice situations in battle, otherwise it can promote harm coming to the Medic


I would rate (From worst to least)

Burst Heal
Team Cloak
Personal Shield
Mobile Arena

Interestingly enough, Personal Shield would change ranks if it wasn’t in the game. What I mean by that, is that Assault gets free reign simply by having that ability even if he doesn’t use it that often as the monster might ignore them. It’s an interesting skill that the perceived threat of it is stronger than the skill itself. I put Mobile Arena as the most important because you can’t win without killing the monster and the Dome Helps kill monsters.


I agree fully on the mobile arena. That would be my “#1 most important hunter class ability” It’s vital. Team cloak IS situational, but amazing when used well. I only played Markov a couple times ( :medic: > :support: > :monster: > :assault: > :trapper: ) but I do love that shield. Persistent monsters could still tear their way through it, but I found if a monster was like that, I would start laying mines around and positioning myself on them, so he’d get a blast if he kept at me.


It’s gotta be…
4.Burst Heal- because it literally does so little in terms of helping the team always thought maybe a field of regen would be better
3.Team Cloak- although it benefits the entire team, it can be easily combat-ed with an aoe attack that just so happened to hit right by guess even
2.Personal Shield- because it does even less for the team than the burst heal but is absolutely integral in getting up in the face of the monster as the main dmg dealer…
1.Dome- because Abe is the GOAT… but no seriously… you’re basically making a play pin to hold your own not so little monster in and destroy it…


From less useful to more useful

Burst Heal
Personal Shield
Team Cloack
Mobile Arena


Personal Shield
Team Cloak
Burst Heal
Mobile Arena

Personal shield can be broken, period.

Team Cloak is useful… but ive noticed myself that most supports forget it even exists.

Burst Heal saves people, and is a key ability in all the medics.

Mobile arena… if you know evolve you don’t need an explanation.


Burst Heal (least impactful)
Personal Shield
Team Cloak
Mobile Arena (most impactful)

Especially in hunt.

In nest, survivor and especially defend mobile arena’s usefulness drops.

Burst heal, team cloak and Personal shield are useful in all mode. Team cloak is less impactful in defend


in my opinion the heal burst is used when you need a health boost :rocket:< (why not)


I think why most don’t like heal burst is because whether you’re healing yourself or others, it’s a piddly 15%. It’s sad when a Hunter perk can outclass an ability, but 30pt/sec HP regen perk is worlds more effective than the healing rate and long charge time of the healing burst.

  1. :trapper:
  2. :support:
  3. :medic:
  4. :assault:


Whats the range of Team Cloak?


Heal by design is “least important”. It’s just a little extra help for the medic in their job. Everyone else’s special is more specific that fills a niche that nobody in that class can do.

No trapper can create an impenetrable wall.

No assault can shield them self.

No support can cloak the team.

But 2 medics already have heals and one of them already has an AoE burst heal. However Val’s can’t target herself so burst heal makes it so she doesn’t HAVE to take health regen as a perk. Same for Laz. Caira is probably the least reliant on the ability as a whole.

I think the medics are some of the most unique classes though. They are all 3 vastly different, even more so than the others. How they go about doing their job is crazy different. Only support is also quite as varied.


Yeah, I am loving how TRS makes all personas of the same class play differently; that’s a great “selling point” to me, as if I feel I may do better with a certain Hunter in a group, I can change it up, while still playing the primary act of being a Medic.

Saddens me that the function is a bit repetitive. Seems wasteful. And then on top of it being repetitive, it’s (for me at least), tactically inconsequential. It’s not like it’s a skilled based ability that you might have a more powerful burst, or can emit a constant heal field for a certain duration rather than a 1-shot. Me? I’m a tactical Medic; I love options that require finesse, though I understand it makes it harder for certain players to pickup on and utilize well off the bat.


I always thought that the dome was a viable strategy in every mode aside from defend and even then, it could be used in defend to stop the monster from moving on to the later generators to but time and lay damage b4 it can get away to eat… in other words… Abe is the GOAT… team cloak is only ineffective in defend depending on how you play… imagine the team sneaking up while the monster is eating and peeling through his health…


Not saying its useless, just not nearly as useful as in hunt. Of course I’ll need to play the modes to know for sure.


This isn’t even a fair comparison lmao. Of course heal burst will be considered the least useful, but if you swapped it for the health regen you keep asking for, it would nullify the need for the perk. You would NEVER take health regen as a medic. You are literally comparing apples to sausages lmao


As far as the class abilities the heal burst is without a doubt the weakest and least impressive. But I think that it’s necessary that the medic gets such a usually selfish skill for themselves, since usually all their abilities are for the benefit of the team. Having a heal burst that is saved usually for themselves is a way to balance the rest of their heal beams, nades, or death-defying gloves that are used to aid the medic’s team members.


Heal burst is least useful I think. I would like to see it upgraded to 20% and maybe a little more range( aoe) but honestly I trust the devs, 4 years of work I imagine they have the game in a pretty good place. 20% was probably to much.

Personal shield is next for me because a good monster can simply turn his attention to a different hunter. But situationally can be a life saver.

Team cloak is always useful, as a monster player having the team disappear is wildly disorienting! Also if support is last alive and gets out before you noticed him, a good hunter player can last a while with that, especially bucket.

Mobile arena is clearly the most important based on the necessity to trap the monster to force a fight.


“You keep asking for” ? I thought I was the only one to ask about it… and that does make sense… I just feel as though another ability would be more useful than a pop of 15% of your health to whoever is in that vicinity… I just thought an area of effect regen smoke would be cool… last for like five seconds and it’d be dangerous to stay there for too long because of the monster’s attacks… I mean I don’t know everything about the game but it just seems sorta unfair that the ability is kinda under powered… maybe that’s just my opinion


I get that it’s probably too late to do that anyway since the game’s release is like… right there… but that’s just how I feel