Which Gtx 980ti variant should I buy?


I’m planning on getting a new graphics card in about 6 months.

I was looking at Geforce Gtx 980ti’s, but there are quite a few different variants.

My question is, what are the differences (besides price) between them, and which one would be best to buy?

Heard that the Asus STRIX-GTX980TI and EVGA Hybrid are pretty good?

Thanks for any help!

Edit: This is for gaming


What about a Titan?


Heard they’re more expensive and not much/at all better than a 980ti for gaming :stuck_out_tongue:


Ain’t that like 1400$? It’s got 12gb of vram which is more than some peoples internal ram lol


Yes, that’s why I put the at the end. Not worth your money.


Dare to dream


Rock solid cards, fantastic air cooling, great monitoring/control software; not the best customer support but over ~10 years and 4 cards I’ve only ever needed to call them once and was able to get an RMA with a little prodding.

I might consider the hybrid since it’s probably quieter, because EVGA cards are pretty solid too, with decent software, but I’d make sure you know exactly how it’ll fit in your case. I had to return a Corsair H100 I was planning on using in a friend’s build because the tubes couldn’t reach all the way from the CPU to the fan bay due to some other hardware being in the way.

As far as what the differences are, there really aren’t many. The major differences are going to be in cooling design and included third-party software. They will likely ship with varying factory clock speeds, and some might have more or less VRAM. Clock speed is not likely to matter since most cards ship with tuning software to change that yourself, and you should aim for no less than 6GB of VRAM.


@RCSRex Do you think you can help?


This one caught my eye. Seemed to have higher specs than the others, as well as good ratings :


I just got the MSI 980Ti 6GB gaming version, it’s sexy as f


Why did you pick that one over the others?


I like the msi ones, me previous 2 cards were from them. Evga is pretty good too


It was a couple of things, mostly being that there was a good deal at Microcenter for the MSI version. I was able to get a brand new one for about $550 and my parents split the cost with me for Christmas cause they knew I was looking at getting a new video card.

I also am a big fan of MSI products, and have a few in my rig so getting the MSI would match. The red and black with the white dragon logo that glows looks fantastic. It also has a protective backplate and comes with a nice utility program for overclocking and and other control over your card.

It’s a little bigger than the “reference” cards by about a half inch, but that wasn’t an issue cause I have a full tower case. You’ll need to measure the length to make sure your new card will fit, and then check the power PCI-e slots. This one takes two cords either with 8 slots or the 6+2 power cords. I had to go digging and find my cords from my Corsair PSU that’s a fully mod version. Depending on what you have you may need to upgrade your power supply.

Ultimately the differences are very small. I would have to say that the fastest, by a tiny bit, would be the Asus Strix. The MSI probably isn’t quite as fast as Gigabyte or Asus but it looks slick and runs the quietest. The Asus would be the second quietest, but it’s huge and won’t fit in every case.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, really.


The one I linked above (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500379&cm_re=980ti--14-500-379--Product) seems to run the fastest.

It’s also a lot cheaper than the EVGA Hybrid that I was originally thinking of getting.

And yeah, it’s a 980ti. There’s no “bad” choice as such :wink:

Just want to make sure I get the best of them ^.^


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that brand before


This card for sure



As I explained above, factory clock speeds are pretty much meaningless. You can pump up whatever card you get to run at those speeds without much trouble if you really think another 100MHz is going to make or break your gaming experience.

I personally won’t ever buy a Zotac product after a friend had one of their coolers just literally fall apart. A fan blade broke off for seemingly no reason and then shortly after it just stopped spinning (probably over-stressed motor due to off-center weight). He said he was told by customer service that that sort of thing wouldn’t happen if the product was being used correctly and basically he was SOL. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but with as many known-good choices as there are out there it only takes one story like that to turn me off.

In PC parts, reputation means a lot, so I personally will be sticking to EVGA, MSI, and ASUS for my GPUs for the forseeable future.


Galax are really getting a name for themselves.
And these cards are so dam sexy looking :heart_eyes:


Any 980ti should be tip top but I would have a look round at reviews and such to make sure there’s no problem with a certain card or manufacturer. What monitor are you using?


Basically video card companies come out with video cards, and then other companies buy them and fiddle with them- Releasing them as a variant. Theyll overclock them, give them better fans or different cooling system, and alter the power pins on them.

For example Ive got a EVGA 980ti “FTW edition”. Its overclocked, has dual 8 pin power plugs so I can go myself and overclock it more (2 extra pins let you give it a little bit more power safely), and its got their “ACX 2.0+ cooler” which is supposed to be their top of the line cooling system- and helps make the thing quiet (Ive got a liquid cooled set up, and a solid state primary hard drive. The only thing i EVER hear is my second sata drive when accessing it. I can play evolve for hours on max settings and never hear a thing from the computer).

For example, standard 980 ti:

The “ftw” edition:

So ya- theresa smidge bit of difference in them, despite them being “the same”. Just have to look around online and see whats the best for your budget. Someone somewhere sompleace always has a sale going on- and theyre worth looking for.