Which Evolve characters do you believe have internal problems with one another?


Hi! So I really love all the evolve characters and how they all have their own personality that showcase through their dialogue. Who do you think out of all the 16 characters have problems with one another and probably can’t stand each other? How do they go about dealing with one another or do they just brawl it out?


Torvald against everyone.Maybe not slim and crow


Abe and Slim.

For sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


laz and slim?


And Hyde and Slim, possibly. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about Hyde? :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to think Hyde makes anyone’s life a living hell (pyromaniac reference lol) if they talk bad about Lazarus


It is somewhat endearing. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Anyone who says so, gets my boot up their unmentionables.”
He’s so wonderful.


I honestly think nobody is going to like slim shady if new dialogue comes out


I’m gonna love Hyde even more if/when he gets his new dialogue.
God… That voice…
Some kind of amazing…


Why is that?


Hyde/(Everyone other than: Lazaurus, cabot, torvald and crow) Particularly Caira. Hyde and Lazaurus are friends, Cabot and Hyde seem to be on good terms, Torvald seems too gloomy and driven to care about someone who also wants to kill monsters and Crow is just weird.
Val/Hank - Can’t trust a spy.
Abe/Slim - Bounty hunter and bounty
Sunny/(N/A) She’s just a ray of sunshine aint she?
Abe/Val - She seems to have a no nonsense attitude and doesn’t play well with our joker.
Lazaurus/(Cabot, Parnell, Abe, Hank) Too much petty morality in the team. Also certain people don’t seem to trust the Lazaurus device for some reason.
(Maggie, Torvald)/Monsters - Two revenge driven loners in a pod…


heres my list:
Val/Caira- though no actual dialogue between the two of course I can see them clashing of who knows more and their personality differences.
Lazarus/markov, Abe- I don’t think they take Lazarus seriously and that annoys him. There was one part where Abe says “what the fuck are you doing here” to Lazarus.
Slim/Abe- of course he hates when Abe calls him but and not bugman
Cabot/?- I don’t think anyone openly has problems with Cabot but I’m sure someone doesn’t agree with everything he does
Sunny/Val, Torvald, crow- not actual issues but I can see them being extremely annoyed by her sadly
Hyde/vs anyone who speaks I’ll of him or Lazarus- I think this doesn’t need explaining
Parnell/?- I put Parnell on the list cause I read the sword canon story and though none have done anything wrong yet I’m sure when someone messes up he’ll have a huge grudge. Also adding he might have some issues with Abe at times due to them being best friends and so outspoken with one another. I can see them just fist fighting each other to stop the agruing lol
Torvald/monsters- yup
Everyone loves hank and griffin


Cabot and Parnell don’t allow Lazaurus to rez dead monsters. Stupid petty morality.


Abe is the kinda guy who gets into a fight and comes out bruised and beaten and still thinks he won

Hyde is the kinda guy who will continue beating on a dead body convinced somehow he still is beaten enough

Then there’s slim who talks big but when it gets physical he makes some kind of excuse


Bucket vs Everyone when he gets possessed by Sky Net. :stuck_out_tongue:


10/10 hashtag hydehype


Ten bucks says Behemoth gets territorial whenever Wraith is around.


Hank and any medic. He didn’t ask for nobody’s medical opinion.