Which edition, monster race or delux edition?


So TRS has revealed two new game editions and the fourth monster, behemoth. I just want to know what you guys are getting. I’m getting the monster race edition because it gives you the season pass which gives you four new hunters, the 3 monster magma skins. The actual edition gives you a fifth monster, two new hunters and four new monster skins that are timed for 30 days and it will also include the savage goliath skin and behemoth.
So that gives you a total of 8 skins, 2 new monsters and 6 hunters as far as I know.
So back to my question, what are you guys getting?


I’m getting the Deluxe edition, mostly just to get the 4 hunters since that’s my main. I don’t care for the Monster stuff.


Getting the monster race edition because I see myself buying every DLC anyways, might as well put down the money now and not have to worry about buying anything.


I am weirdly sticking with the gamestop preorder. I really want a physical copy, and the content actually comes close to breaking even. I’ll just have to wait on the monster race skins for when they go public.


But you get those four hunters as well as two more hunters in the monster race edition.


That is what I am thinking.


Yeah, but I don’t want to spend $100 on a pre-order. I already got a good deal by paying $10 for 4 more hunters. If anything I can get those two hunters in a Steam sale for cheap.


im sticking with my regular preorder. i dont have the money to throw around while class is in session. I havent seen the other skins anyways so i have no motivation to spend the money anyways.

plus i like my default kraken skin anyways


I got a $45 pre-order from Greenman and I won’t be buying DLC until a Steam sale.

Frugal life. Keepin’ real, clean livin’ and livin’ below my means. Cooooast…


You can see the wraith’s magma skin from smosh games.


I want that monster race edition so bad… still debating on what i should get.


Deluxe or nothin’