Which Do You Like Least?


UPDATE: Colored plates newly posted.
These are a selection of plates that will hold sushi like this:

for a card game I’m working on. I only need 12 plate styles, so just wanted to know which ones you guys liked the most versus the least? You can select multiples. I just want to get a feel for what you guys think even without the colors on these designs.


I like them all but 13, 10, 12, and 5.


Number 13. From a development standpoint it’s too generic and feels out of place with the others. The others at least look like they belong together, 13 just stands out as the generic plate/platter.


I would say go for the obvious and cut out the most bland one.
If you only need 12 out of 13, I’d say don’t do 5 or 13.

Although I really like your drawing style, I’m not sure I understand what 10 is generally supposed to look like. Do you have a picture to compare it to?


Ditch 5 and 13. :slight_smile:


5 and 13 seem to generic to me (just like everyone else is saying). All the others seem to fit the bill for me, though 9 has me slightly confused. Is it a bowl? If so, bowls don’t seem like a good “plate” to put sushi on/in.


Erase 13 and 5, maybe 7 from existence and it will be all good.


13 is kind of boring, but the rest look good.


I agree with most people, 13 I like the least


I actually do not like 4 but think the rest are great!

5, 12 and 13 help break it up so that they aren’t all so wild looking.

Also, this little guy is too cute!


10 is kinda my take on a sushi boat:

But I could tweak it so it looks more like it can support sushi, not have “seats” sorta.

So 5 and 13 seem to be the least liked. Thanks everyone! It gives me some new thoughts. I know 13 was pretty plain and I debated myself on how to color it to be more interesting…so I will drop 13, and with 5 I will make that one more colorfully interesting.


You’re correct…I plan to use the bowl design for the tempura which will be sorta “jumping” around it. If it wasn’t well liked though, I’d have gone with a new idea.


Ooo, that could look pretty cool then! I have never seen sushi presented in a bowl so I wasn’t sure what you were going for there. Best of luck!


13 is boring.
I think you should unfill the panda in 7, like just have the outlines. 7 looks out of place because it’s the only one with a filled in object. After that I’d get rid of 9 and 2 because they are too complicated compared to the others.


What? You no like panda? Actually I do know what you’re saying and that is a concern. The cards will be half the size of a poker card when done so detail limiting is something of a factor. The designs on 7 and 9 may have to go if they are too much for the scale.


Not a fan of 6 or 13.


5 and 13, the rest are great.


Absolutely love 7. Don’t particularly dislike any, aside from the obvious 13.


I :heart: : 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, & 13

very cool Sledge!


3, 8, 13 stand out for me.