Which DLC adaptations would you want?(polls)


When asked if Tier 4 adaptations were a thing, GentlemanSquirl said:

So to me, this sounds like they want to do some characters more than others, and others are more of a priority. We all know TRS has limited resources, which is why DLC adaptations weren’t confirmed confirmed.

But anywho, I think the community should have a say in which Tier 4 characters get adapatations first(or at all) and same goes with Tier 5.

Choose Three that you want to have adaptations

  • Slim
  • Sunny
  • Crow
  • Torvald
  • Behemoth
  • Emet
  • Kala
  • Jack
  • Lennox
  • Gorgon

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I want all the monsters!



Can´t you choose Kala 3 times?

Oh well, Gorgonzola and Bob are close ones too I guess


No slim love lol ME VOTES
and Sunny


Emet, Kala, and Torvald.

Samauri Sensei Emet and Ninja Stavig can be a thing!!! @Torvald_Stavig


Definitely the main man Behemoth


Everyone is on the board!


Even though I’m a Hunter only player, I would like to see a Behemoth variant, would be interesting to see what TRS can do with him. My other 2 choices were Slim/Sunny because I feel they have more potential to have useful variants


Gorgon. xp


I chose Slim, Kala, and Gorgon.

Slim adaptation would be neat. Maybe as a different type of Basilisk, a different Basilisk generation, or him in his more “Alex-y” form.

Full monster Kala, anyone?

And finally, Gorgon is my favorite monster. She’s an absolute beast, and I love her to death.


I vote for all of them. So I technically didn’t vote.


I think we can all agree that monster adaptions are the most interesting ones


I would love ALL variants.
But I really want to see a Crow variant which lets Gobi fight like Mordecai’s Bloodwing from Borderlands.


Jack and Emet.