Which console is more popular?

PS4 has marginally better graphics, I believe, but Xbone will continue to receive preferential treatment and has a larger playerbase. I’d go Xbox for this.

Cannot wait for Windows 10’s cross platform.

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Hello, I am a Xbox, PSP and PC user. I enjoy playing AAA garbage on my Xbox while enjoying the occasional Indie title on my PC. When on the go I use my PSP to play classic games like Monster Hunters, Armored Core, Spyro, and more.

Eat to gain armor and evolve. Can’t wait for windows 10.

its undeniable that ps4 has thus far sold more units than xb1, however here’s your problem…microsoft are going to continually get deals like the proving ground one for this and other games due to one simple thing…money, Microsoft have it and Sony don’t. Sony are close to bankruptcy* and thus have no money to throw at games to get exclusive deals.

*feel free to look this up if you don’t believe me. it’s possible the company will die very soon.

edit- now it pains me to say this (being as I am a sega fanboy) but it seems if you want complete games and genuine creativity then you really should buy a wii u

The game uses the same engine on all three platforms. Not sure what you mean…

Ps4 has slightly better graphics because of its hardware. Its negligible in evolve.

Oh, ok. That’s not the engine, though. That’s what confused me. Thanks for the clarification.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone! Sounds like XBox is the more secure decision. Just out of curiosity, would you say PS4 has more players than PC (currently)? Steam stats are showing a ~1100 player peak in the past 24 hours.

It’s likely, but I don’t think Sony or MS have visible player values in the way steam does.

Ps4 has less bugs

Why not poll to see what the forums say as their console of choice?

Polls are rarely an accurate representation of the truth. You could made one (or find an existing thread) but I wouldn’t put too much stock in the results.

I agree but it’s worth a shot.

I really hope they go back and add cross play to previously released games. Most likely not gonna happen, but we can dream. I have a few friends that play Titanfall on PC that I would like to play with on my X1.

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Xbox of course that’s mainly because of the Microsoft deal, but PS4 is just as good.

A healthy number of Titanfall player migrated to Evolve. OhnI wonder why…? XD

Cross platform would be really cool and more forgiving because the asymmetric gameplay.

I vote Wii U…

Xbox is not the most secure decision at all.

What exactly did the exlusivity deal get them? Just two more maps a month before we got them? ALL paid DLC is available to everyone at the same time. ALL Hunters, monsters etc are available to EVERYONE at the SAME time. There is NO substantial exclusivity.

Seriously is everyone even thinking? What exactly other than a proving grounds tourney and 2 maps does the exclusivity deal give Xbox?

Ps4 definitely has more players currently since Xbox has had a horrible launch with Evolve because of massive connection and progression issues. Ps4 STILL continues to have just as many, if not more players but with a smoother game with far fewer bugs.


Xbox, just because I feel that more competitive multi-player shooter fans play on Xbox / PC.

The exclusive content is also a pretty great motivator but those 2 maps are pretty meh right now so maybe the next couple will be worth the exclusivity.

Xbone, 1 month exclusive maps, now Xbox exclusive 100k tourney. It is clear where the priorities are.

Xbox will always get new maps first. Xbox will consistantly have bigger cash tournaments. Which is a part of their business plan. Sony has little intrst in the competitive scene and microsoft wants it to stay that way.

While the ps4 sold more consoles you’ll notice that the most contributive members of evolves community are pc and xbox players. Pc has a more loyal base but xbox members are more in numbers due to the fact that xbox draws the attention of competitive console gamers.

In the end, its about how much more the op can get for his buck on console. That is, at this moment, the xbox copy.