Which console is more popular?

Actually posting this for a friend I’m trying to get hooked on Evolve. I currently play on PC but he’s a console gamer looking for his next fix and like how Evolve looks but is undecided which console to buy it for. It sounds like XBox One gets the most attention and has the exclusives but wanted to find out what would tip the scales for the PS4. Any help? Will be pushing for him to buy it tomorrow and start hunting :slight_smile:

Xbox One

No clue why, (I blame the whole exclusivity deal they got)

But it is what it is.

Sadly can’t inform you how Ps4 is fairing mate.

console wars!!! GO

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PS4 has WAY more total sales.

I’m on Xbox One and totally happy with it, FWIW.

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@Wompy :wink:

I definitely feel like the wii-u crowd is where it’s at. I’ve never had a single big or dosconnect

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I had both consoles though my ps4 broke, sooo xbone

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Xbox. It has a consistant competitive scene due to the exclusivity deal and new maps earlier, which gives you a chance to get a look see yourself. Also microsofts buisiness plan seems to be to capitilize on the competitive scene in general.

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Xbox is probably the way to go if he has an Xbox. Microsoft has deals with 2K so he’ll get more out of it if he’s on Xbox

How did your ps4 break?? :fearful:


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It just broke on its own :confused: started spitting out my CDs on its own and wouldn’t play games so I sold the spiteful little bugger

You are gonna wanna pick Ouya

buy ps4 its very good

As far as I’m concerned, XB1 has the largest playerbase on Evolve. But then again, it would be a good idea to try and support the smaller playerbases, considering how small they currently are, so I’d say go for PS4.

Least selling? What are you smoking mate this is not a “what console is better” fanboy debate. He asked for which is getting more attention for Evolve and I said Xbox. I don’t care how you wanna perceive that, it’s the truth. Wanna argue? Head onto youtube, their fanboy comments hunger for you.

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Pc forever.


Sega Genesis… derr

In all seriousness on Xbox I’ve never waited more than 10 seconds to get into a game

Ps4, they released the sales numbers and Ps4 sold the most. I have NO clue how people can possibly say Xbox. Ps4 has also had the benefit of far far less bugs. Xbox had the progress reset bug that drove many off and the PC community has been very small from the beginning.

Lets be careful here. This isnt a console war. So lets keep any fanboy or elitism out of it. Ps4 has the better engine for the game but microsoft is clearly giving 2k and trs a lot of support for the game with exclusivity deals. Which means more money for trs to get more content out.