Which class do you not need?


So a recent post I made in the rant thread details a game where our Trapper basically ran in circles and it got me thinking.
If you were not bound to needing to have one Hunter from every class, which would you discard and who would you replace it with?

I just had a match without a Trapper, where Val, Cabot, and Hyde picked up the slack, so I could say remove the Trapper and do that team add a Bucket for the UAV to aid in tracking.

Another scenario I can see would be replacing Assault with either a Cabot/Kala for a damage boost, or could you imagine 2 Trappers on a team? Two domes back to back. (highly unfair and every monster would rage quit.)


You can easily replace Trapper with an extra Assault, Support, or Medic. A team can win without a trapper, not so much any other class as Trapper’s main role is CC and the dome but if a Monster FT3 then dome is practically useless and CC is always important but if a Trapper does poorly then they’re just dead weight.

Preferably I’d say two Supports/Assaults would make Hunters infinitely more capable instead of a Trapper since two Supports can mean shields + jetpack booster + orbital OR turrets + damage amp etcetera. Meanwhile two Assaults means a Lennox forcing focus on her while you have a Markov or Parnell simultaneously drilling into the Monster and making minefields/S.S-ing constantly.


I would rather have the support changed, because they fill a mixed role as is

Cabot, Bucket, Kala can be traded for any assault
Hank, TsH, traded for a medic
Sunny either trapper or medic,

and You still have all roles filled much the same.

The cloak can be nixed if you focus on the maximized abilities at your disposal, rather than the supports more balanced aspects.


Yeah, I’d probably ditch Trapper for a second Medic or Support. Game would go a long time, but you would never die.


Rogue Val plus three assaults. Done. XD no really I think I’d go for two supports and ditch the trapper


Ditch trapper so you can have Slim + Laz + Bucket + Torvald.

Dutch trapper so you can have Rogue Val, Cabot, Bucket, Torvald.

Mmm. Damage.


10000% trapper especially if you have Cabot,Blitkov,Slim/Laz

The last few days the trappers my team been playing with (randomers) has been a joke,they miss every dome,go the wrong way and chase monster when everyone’s at the relay so trapper at S3 is not needed although ideally all are required long term.


I never would have thought about that, mixing an active healer with the reviving of Lazarus. That would be very effective.

Not something I would have expected, but I can see that working. You are right supports do a bunch and other classes can fill that so sure.

So the general consensus seems to be you don’t need a Trapper, but the fight will be longer. Though would you still say no to a Trapper in the Defend game mode? I know when I play defend it usually turns into a game of Hunt and when the Monster is low on health and has no armor we usual dome to finish the fight.


I see a lot of people here are quick to say that they don’t need a trapper. But what if you had TWO trappers? That’s a huge amount of mobile arena uptime. If you catch the monster at stage 1, you can potentially completely deny his ability to escape. Assault or support would be the character you would drop in such a setup. Having a second CC active during a game would suppress the monster a lot.


1 Cabot 2 Torvalds and any medic would do. Or maybe 2 laz would be better. This would be a very evil plot. I can only imagine the amount of salt that would be made.


Id drop support and gain a second trapper maggie griffin val and parnell. The constant tracking would mean monster is never getting a break and the number of harpoons means that parnell can make full use of his increased damage and firing speed. Asa konster player myself yhis woyld be a combo i would not like at all lol


Just imagine 4 Slims.

If they all stayed within heal range I don’t think you could ever down one.


Well that would be true of most medics with good active healing. Like, 4 vals, cairas and maybe even 4 emets. A monster wouldn’t be able to out damage 330 healing per second + heal bursts.


4x Parnell, all of which with Health Regen to make up for the lack of Medic.

Just camp the Relay. As soon as the full health stage 3 Monster comes around the corner, everyone pops SS and then it’s just a matter of watching that Monster drop dead to the floor after a few seconds.

Trapper is the easiest to replace. Add another Assault or Medic in his place and even a stage 3 Monster wouldn’t stand a chance.


I know a couple people who would absolutely hate you for that. Some of my friends just start swearing up a storm when they see Maggie or Griffin going against them because they absolutely despise harpoons. I can see it now.


Un like the others you mentioned Slim is dealing damage to do so. That’s why I mentioned him.
4 Slims will actually kill you in a timely manner.


Oh yeah lol as a monster playwr myself i already know how bad that would be lol