Which class could beat a monster?


So, now that we have 4 hunters in each class, I realized that if we wanted, there could be an entire hunter squad of just 1 class, and I’m wondering which class you guys think would be able to beat a monster without the others.

I personally think the Supports could stomp out monsters if they had to, Hank and Sunny shielding everyone everywhere, Cabots amp and Buckets turrets melting everything everywhere, and of course, everyone is invisible all the time >_>

So, what do you guys and gals think?
Discuss ^-^


Medic, for sure.

4 Cairas? 4 Lazari? ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

It’d take forever, but they’d win, no doubt.


Support- their kits vary ridiculously, and they all have good survivability and damage.


Definitely medics lol, one of each tier, they would never die so the monster would probably just kill itself eventually!


It would be interesting having a near immortal team (Caira Val and Slim keep Laz at full health at all times, Laz just rezs whoever monster focuses) but if the monster gets lucky and catches Laz off guard…almost insta GG as itd just be a matter of focus Caira, squash the bug man, and Val…Val is val ;p

I think Bob would deal with this comp really quickly, he has so much armor, they’d never even scratch his health, let alone break through armor :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, as I said, cut off laz…


Support for sure :bucket_salute:


Definitely not the medics. Definitely not the trappers. Maybe the assaults. Most likely the supports.


I dunno about that. Even if the Monster focuses Laz, it has almost no chance of downing him if Caira, Val, and Slim are all healing him.


Pretty sure History class could beat a monster.

They just don’t have the memory for that kind of crazy.


Thats where the underestimation of the monsters burst skill comes into play ^.-
If a monster reaches Stage 3 (and he will, lets be honest, he/she can down someone in a matter of seconds using the 3 burstiest damage dealers (Leap Smash-Rock Throw-Charge=Instadown, Lightning Strike-Aftershock-Vortex=Iffy, but possible, Fissure-Tounge Grab-Lava bomb on landing=most effective Behemoth Combo ever :stuck_out_tongue:, Not sure about Wraith atm lol) so he would simply have to burst him down with good timing (melee to make caira heal, moment she starts the excruciatingly long reload, launch the combo) Laz would fall, then he could pick em apart 1 by 1.


This makes me want the ability to set the number of class slots in custom games, to test this sort of thing!


Every class except Trapper probably. Medics could heal & revive each other and wear down through attrition. Assaults could do insane DPS and each has Personal Shield. Supports also have high damage output, can track, and can alternate cloaking fields. Trappers probably don’t have the damage output - there would be a ton of domes and CC, but as soon as they get focused they’re done.


Same, thatd be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


I think all of them could do it…

Medics - crazy healing, no strikes and low damage. It’s gonna take a while but I don’t think the monster would ever be able to kill any of them.

Supports - Lots of damage and lots of shielding/cloaking/boosting. Yep they got this.

Trappers- harpoons + stasis? I don’t think the monster will be able to move. Like literally unable to move.

Assaults - way high damage and 4 shields… monsters not coming back from that.


I think Trappers would just get whittled down by things like firebreathe and over time theyd be taken down due to their lack of damage being dealt, and assaults are deadly, but only if the monster decides to stick around, even a Wraith could beat them by
Step 1. Make 1 pop shield
Step 2. Zip out
Step 3. Watch that char
Step 4. Shield drops, zip in, heavy melee, retreat out
Rinse and repeat.
Without them locking you down, their damage doesn’t matter as armor is replenishable and there 0 ways for them to stop a monster from running


None of them.

Trappers can’t do it alone, and without the dome the monster can just go get more armour whenever he wants.


I think for any class, bar medic, to do this that they’d need to pick health regen as their perk. Otherwise they’d definitely lose


3 Buckets and 1 Sunny.


Thats part of the challenge, are you confident enough to fight without a medic, or do you sacrifice much needed damage for staying alive ^.-


Support and assault definitely could do it. I think the Trappers could win. Imagine running through Abes stasis grenades and just jumping through them all to have Griffin grab you from behind and as soon as you get out of that a handful of Maggies harpoons stop you dead in your tracks and the whole time Crow is shooting you with his kinetic long rifle.