Which characters have which perks?


We can see the characters and 10 of the things they get by leveling up. But not all characters have the same perks (I think). Sucks that we can SCROLL through the list of levels to see which characters have certain perks via leveling up.

IS there a list telling us where all the perks are? I’d like to specifically play the characters that will level up the stuff I want (ability cooldown) first before moving on to other stuff.


I believe they’re working on something to remedy this.


Every Hunter/Monster can use every perk, certain characters unlock a perk when levelling up, for example the majority of Hunters unlock tier1 movement speed at level 3, meaning just play one game with 3 different hunters to unlock level 3 movement speed for tier1 (5% movement speed). You never need to spend your Silver Keys on it!

TRS are working on something to scroll through the list to see future unlocks, and a seperate menu to buy/upgrade perks and maybe have a favourite perk set for each character so you don’t have to do it all before a game


yeah, but it is about upgrading the perks that I want. And at this point, there just doesn’t seem to be any way to know who will upgrade a certain perk.


But hope they update it with something better.


sigh…guess no one knows…

thought the devs would have at least given us something via the forums/internet and then in the update…but waiting till the update will suck to figure this out.


There doesn’t seem to be any sort of master list for the character level-up unlocks if that’s what you’re wondering. Or at least not that I have seen. Hopefully we’ll get that or once they update the character screen with the scroll option then that will fix it.