Which character is easiest to Elite?


So I noticed something today.

I have every character. I have 2 Stars in every character. But I have yet to Elite ANY! That’s kind of sad, considering how many people have half of the characters elited.

So I was wondering, which character is easiest to Elite? Thanks!

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Caira by far. You just need to be tactical with your shots and effective with your boosts. You’ll get it in no time :blush:


Caira, maybe Kraken?


Urk. Caira is the ONE character I can never get right, and she’s the easiest. ;-;


Though my first was Hank (took good grinding). I must agree that Caira must be by far, the easiest to Elite.


Back to the PM’s! Haha Caira is my main and I have roughly 30 wins with her right now. Sned me some chat if yall want tips :laughing:


Hyde, somehow the one with the most balanced elite requirements and his masteries actually teach stuff to the players.


Parnell seems fairly straightforward.


I’m assuming you’ve done Hyde’s Elite. How difficult was the final Toxic Grenade mastery? That’s the one I look at and think would be tough to do outside of Defend.


Strangely enough, it is quite easy to do, even in the worst games, youll get around 3-5 grenades, and on the longer games like wraith and so on, you may get up to 20, which is a 5th of the whole elite mastery.


Caira, by a mile.


Caira and lazuras id have to say I mean reviving people is pretty dam easy


Not when you have a gigantic hell beast bearing down on you. Especially when it’s a smart gigantic hell beast.

Caira is easy as hell. Just stand in a high place and keep healing, spam that speed boost, and use the napalm when everyone’s full. It takes, I don’t know, a few hours?


Looks like caira is the easiest to master but what is the best monster to master? I think goliath cause he is the only character I’ve mastered. I’m so close to mastering wraith as well.


I dunno man, I don’t think the goliath is that easy to elite, im not quite there myself yet, the part im struggling with is getting the last 20 multi hits with charge and im there! the other parts came easily.

Though my opinion isnt quite fair as ive yet to play enough of the other monsters to have something to compare against.

Just my 2 on goliath :wink:


I think I know how to help you on the charge thing.
Create a custom match on barracks. The power relay are is small and thin so the hunters basically can’t go anyway.


I know where your coming from, however im not one for manipulating the game to make it easier to achieve these goals like some others, I prefer to earn them in real multiplayer!

Thank you though :smile:



had her elite 2 days after release… theres no bullshit just things u already do (or should do) every match


Griffin was realy easy. Harpoon monsters in air? Kraken? Lal.


From my experience, Lazarus is by far the easiest hunter to get. He takes maybe 2 hours tops, and even less if you used the hunter’s quest app.

The easiest monster? Maybe Wraith, I haven’t tried her out too much but from my memory it’s mostly easy stuff.

The hardest monster seems to be the Kraken, hardest hunter might be Maggie? Maybe?