Which Borlderlands 3 character will you play as first?

  • Amara is the new Siren and appears to pack some very powerful abilities including a melee attack with six summoned arms, a self-projection that can attack, and Phaselock.

  • Zane is our wealthy and classy Operative class. Like Zero from Borderlands 2, Zane can throw out a decoy.

  • Fl4k is the our robotic beastmaster and can choose between three different pets, one of which is a Skag. According to the leak, each of the different pets will have its own moveset.

  • Moze is the soldier and can call in a giant mech that she will pilot. Other players can hop on the top of the mech and use the powerful mounted gun, too

  • Amara
  • Zane
  • Fl4k
  • Moze

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I would love to somehow see Tiny Tina as a Vault Hunter she may be a teen in Borderlands 3 but she is still just as dangerous as she was in the second Borderlands. I can see her doing something mixed with Torgue making explosive attacks like firing missiles or use her Mr. Sparks to electrocute her enemies while causing explosions.

What Vault Hunter would you like to play as in Borderlands 3?

I will probably try Amara or Moze.

Now I wasn’t a big fan of Brick as a brawler type character in BL1 but I think a Siren brawler could spice things up more.

Also I like AI friends, like Deathtrap for Gaige, so I think Fl4k will be fun as well. Too bad he doesn’t look like much of a talker, I’m hoping to be wrong on that part.


For BL2, I waited until Krieg came out before even getting the game. Perhaps I’ll wait for a nice dlc character I’ll like :>

Maybe they’ll make another character based on one of the enemies >.<

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I’m only really interested in Fl4k and Moze. My friend is gonna play Moze though so I guess I’ll be going as Fl4k

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Gaige is my girl all the way!

For bl3, I’m torn between all of them.


Zane for my first pick, and Fl4k for my second. :heart_eyes:

Fl4k was the most obvious initial choice for me. He looks cool, he has pets (robo-:daisy_normal:) … but I feel like everyone in my group will want to play him, so I’m making my #2 choice my #1, which is Zane. He seems super awesome and I have a feeling that I will love his personality. I just hope with Amara being the melee combatant that Zane doesn’t play close quarters like Zer0, since I was terrible at him.

I loved playing Maya in BL2 so I thought I’d be the Siren again, but Amara being melee-focused makes me have to pass on her.


I think I’m going to start with Moze. The idea of summoning a mech calls to my inner artificer.

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The ones on Steam…

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ba dum tish


Most likely Amara. I’ve always liked the sirens because they generally have some of the more balanced and/or outlandish playstyles compared to the common shooter tropes.

Zane seems more like the Jack Body Double from the Pre-Sequel.

FL4K is new-gen Mordecai, but maybe less drunk.

Moze is Gaige who played some Titanfall.

At least, based off of what little I’ve seen. Been trying to stay more in the dark, but Siren seems like a safe bet - especially since they know that can go absolutely nuts with the abilities and perks. She’s also probably gonna have a tree dedicated to a the slag replacement element, and the damage multiplier that comes with it. I forsee a ton of DPS coming from her, and less utility than previous iterations of the class.


i was going to check Moze but mah fingah slipped