Which Assault to Play As


I’ve been trying to figure out which assault to play as, and here is what I’ve found for me.
Markov- If you are a strategist, and are good with the mines, use him. I have found Markov to be the most fun to play as. Those mines are so much fun
Hyde- Good against wraiths, because the fire sticks. The best part about hyde is the things he says =D
Parnell- Easiest assault to learn. Activate SS and shoot the crap out of the monster. Very good for dealing damage, however bad for defense if needed.
Torvald- very good against behemoth, not so great against kraken because the mortar cannons can be hard to land. Torvald has a very high damage output

This is not official, the point of this post is to get your advice. This is my glancing assumptions, and I really want to play more assault. Can you guys give me tips?
Thank you


Who i play depends on my team, if i have laz on my team I almost always pick hyde UNLESS theres a cabot at which point I use my personal fave Parnell. I dont like markov much but if I join into a game late ill gladly pick him up and use him, pretty easy. As for Torvald i stay away from him cuz i cant aim his mortars for shit.


Markov has the same downside against the Kraken as Torvald, you need the Kraken on the ground for mines or the mortar cannons to work so Markov’s only upside against the Kraken is that the lightning gun sticks as the Kraken flies. For me, it’s still all Torvald, you just need to wait for the Kraken to get in a corner or land to use the mortar and just stay on the shotgun until then.


I’d say a lot is just personal preferance. All the assaults are solid though I think markov is the lowest simply because of vastly poor dps if the mines don’t end up going off. Parnell is the most mobile by far, hyde is area denial, torval prevents monsters from sticking to targets, markov is mr safty zone.

I fear fighting Parnell over any other because he sticks like glue both before and after dome in a pure mobility build. He doesn’t even need supersolder to vastly out dps any other assault because his secondary alone is a primary and his shotty is just melt city.


Well son the only thing to do is to pic the one that does the most damage.



10 char


Yeah, the Assaults are all well balanced with no clear winner for every situation. I actually rotate them more than any other class. Just sorta depends on my mood is time for Rage Trooper? Am I the Monster’s DOOM!? Or am I in the mood to melt some fucking faces? Yes, it’s true that each excels against a different Monster but I’ve beaten every Monster with all of them many times. If I can’t decide I’ll usually go with Hyde because I like his personality (Wheeeeeeee!) and he has the most consistent damage. But I rotate them all through pretty regularly.


Parnell. That is all.


Parnell and Torvald require more aiming skill to make full use of them, as they’re the only assaults who’s primary weapon can rack up headshot damage. If you can pop super soldier right as your getting up close, and unload your shotty into a monsters face, you’ll melt him faster than anybody. Whereas Markov requires very little aiming, and instead constant area denial and smart mine placement. Love when a monster hops behind a cliff right into my big X of 5 mines. I like bunching them all up together in a hidden area, if a wraith accidentally falls on 5 mines it’ll lose all its armor and then some.


Hyde, because…
Well… He’s… Hyde.

In all seriousness though, it comes down to personal preference.

Cough cough, Hyde, cough, choking, death