Which abilities interrupt feeding?


Just wondering because sometimes a hunter will go down, and the monster will still be able to devour the corpse while abilities are hitting it. I was wondering if there are certain abilities that prevent and some that do not?


Everything except pistol fire (When you are downed) and Toxic Grenades. If you have a slow reload or slow firing (Val Sniper) you can eat bars between reloads/shots, especially if they have the feed perk.


Hmm, hopefully they allow toxic grenades to prevent eating in a patch, because as of now they arn’t serving as a good enough denial of area ability.


He will take more damage from the grenade than eating. It’s also free damage. On top of that, if you are just denying a monster food the Toxic grenade isn’t great as you are usually chasing the monster and it will slow you down. Pull out the minigun.


I mean more along the lines of if they eat the body, laz cannot rez. So more along the lines of when Laz is the medic.


Ah, at that point burn the trucker :stuck_out_tongue: With Laz on the team the monster REALLY pays to try and deny a rez.


Amen, how about fire?

If hyde/caira light the monster on fire, do the fire “ticks” that last after the direct damage prevent feeding?


Fire ticks do not. Just the initial hit. Same with poison bullets.


This is good to know


I believe vals tranq gun doesn’t interrupt eating either.
If its suppose to then the game I last played in was bugged because she shot me twice while I was eating and it didn’t stop me.

I realize this doesn’t actually damage you. I just wanted to bring it up for clarification.


So what the consensus appears to be that if it doesn’t do direct damage, it doesn’t interrupt.


Yes you are correct. The only direct damage that doesn’t affect the Monster while feeding is pistol damage.


And Toxic Grenade. Toxic Grenade prevents you from eating, but if you are already eating it doesn’t kick you off.