Which abilities are affected by Reload Speed Perk and/or Ability Cooldown Reduction Perk?


Hey guys,

i need some help, want to know wich abilites exactly are affected by the two different perks “Reload Speed” and “Ability Cooldown Reduction”. Some ones are not that clearly for me …

So what about Laz for example:
His cloak and his heal burst are affected by the ability cooldown i think…? (hope its the right name, i play in german language). But what about his glove … is this reload perk or Ability? Or is cloak affected by reload too…?

I would like to have something like a overview where all these things are listed :slight_smile:
Hope some of you can enlighten me :open_mouth:


If i ain’t wrong class abilities ARE NOT effected by cd/reload perks


Reload Perk, I think just does Weapons but maybe with the changes it threw in abilities too


So you think that the class abilities are affected by nothing? So Heal Burst im not be able to get it faster? And Laz glove and Sniper is reload, and his cloak is ability cooldown perk? Is that correct you think?


Nope, rifle, glove and cloak are all affected by reload speed.


They changed the class abilites so that they are no longer reduced by cd or reload perks long time ago. Don’t know if it’s still so… @Insane_521 @LordDeath @GentlemanSquirl have you changed this interaction?


Wondering this about Tech Sgt. Hank’s shield gun. I’m assuming reload would effect that? And the orbital drill would be ability cooldown?


Everything with a reload/cooldown time is effected by the reload perk, except class abilities, the only way to make them recharge faster is the megamouth buff or a class ability perk.


Reload speed effects all equipment and weapons like the Laser Cutter, Orbital Barrage, Lazarus Device, Flamethrower, Harpoon Gun, Tranquilizer Gun, Shield Projector, Medgun, etc. etc. Basically, everything in the default 1, 2, and 3 slots of your kit (with very few exceptions, like Lennox’s Plasma Lance). Reload speed comes from the Reloader and Speedloader perks as well as the Mammoth Bird elite buff.

Class ability reduction works only on the ability unique to that class that every character within the class has - so Defense Matrix, Shield Burst, Heal Burst, and the Planet Scanner. This comes from the Leadership and Command perks, as well as the Megamouth elite buff.


Cheers for the clarification.


I wonder if capacity also affects abilities. Like will it gives Laz a longer cloak, or Parnell a longer Super Soldier?


Reload affects everything (that reloads/recharges) that isn’t a class ability. Class ability cooldown only affects class abilities and nothing else. Side note, the dome is separate from everything and is always at an 80 second cooldown.

It does not do this. We could add a perk at some point that does this though.

Stage 2: Buckets Mechanized Recharge don't affected by Reload Perk (Logged)

So the capacity perk don’t even give more shield to Hank and Sgt. Hank???


It does. But it doesn’t affect how much shield you get from shield burst.