Whew at least were not the order: 1886?


I have read pretty bad reviews so far. this was a game i thought would compete with the gears of war franchise when it was first revealed. but as it got closer to release. EVEN less of the game was shown.

The moral of the story is Do NOT trust developers who hide a ton of their game including even basic gameplay. the game has werewolves but you see them a total of 3 times -.- i thought that was there selling point. supernatural agents keeping society safe in the darkness of the 1880’s.

TlDR: THANK YOU TRS. for revealing everything i was going to buy up front and not hide what you did and did not have in your game. also i saved 70$ by not getting this game.


Those reviews are harsh, especially from Kotaku. :frowning:


well you hype up a game like its going to be epic gears of war style. then you deliver a poor shooter with heavy rain cinematics with quick time events. thats gonna happen.

the original premise was SO thrilling to see what the hell secrets were going on in 1886. 3 werewolves is not enough.


I have an X1, so I never followed up past a Game Informer article. Still sucks for the devs. Like it or not they put a lot of time and effort into that game.


Wow I haven’t looked at anything for this game as I heard that the gameplay didn’t match the concept… sad to hear it didn’t do well as it looked so promising when I first saw it. That first trailer was so good!!!


Now that you mention GoW, has any one heard an update if the franchise will return to XO? There’s supposedly a GoW Lazarus in the works? I’m just concerned that the series won’t be the same without Cliff B


games should not be rated on what reviewers believed a game should have been. thats called being subjective.


we will definitely hear about Gears of War on XBONE in june at e3.


all i no is xbox owns full rights to it and epic games have moved on to something else. judging how judgement and halo 4 turned out. when the originals devs leave. the game will always be worse than the original that brought them fame.

im hoping epic games will make a multiplatform since i have went ps4 now. honestly bulletstorm was an excellent game that didnt get much sales. they have the talent to make good games without relying on gears of war only.


From what I heard, even with unskippable cutscenes it’s like 6 hours. I wanted to play it, I was gonna buy it when I got the PS4. I probably still will… from Redbox.


Bulletstorm was a real casualty for epic games and PCF, I was rather disappointed as well when they decided not make a follow up because of low sales. it had potential to be great. And this is true, when the original devs leave a lot of good franchises go south. Like ion storm and eidos with the Thief Franchise… The reboot was plain offensive


well since day 1 they did say bulletstorm was an expierement game meant to fund gow 3. but they did so well in it idk why they wouldnt build on it.

I enjoy their gritty style that they put out. ill be keeping an eye out to see what they create. i will miss gow2 tho. might be tied for my most played game of all time.


I’m still trying to earn the seriously 2.0 achievement lol.by far my favorite teamvteam mp game as well.
I’m curious to see what cliff Blezinski will come up with next of course