Where's the tourneys for PC/PS4?


So I just read the “Evolve Proving Grounds” tourney stuff and got REALLY excited. This is all I wanted for Evolve, a big tourney, lan finals, all that cool stuff.
(link for those that haven’t seen it yet: http://evolvegame.com/news/proving-grounds )
But then I read this tourney is also Xbox exclusive.

After Chappie Challenge, I really hoped it was PC’s turn for a major tournament. But nope, xbox again.
I don’t want to start a flamewar or bash xbox, I’m just really disappointed and (after talking to other PC players/teams about it) I’m certainly not the only one.

At least give us an update or something telling us a PC tourney IS coming so we can keep our hopes up. Because now they’re just getting crushed :frowning:

Xbox only why?
Proving Grounds is Xbox ONLY?!

1st of all i wanna say how cool it is for Evolve as a game to finally make a big tournament.
Now 2nd of all.Xbox only?Are you kidding us?PS4 has no tours at all and PC is the only thing that is actively trying to push the game competitive.I’m looking towards Black_Aegis Insane and other people who waste whole days to do podcasts-shoutcasts and other things.Oh and the most viewers Evolve gets on twitch is every Sunday from PC ESL watching Black_Aegis casting.

Consoles already have the biggest player-base.We need help to bring more people in the PC.We want people to see that this game has an active community and a chance in a competitive scene.If people see that(for once again) the money and tournaments are on Xbox why would they even bother buying it on PC?Also the game can be played with cross-platforms.I don’t think anyone would have a problem with a tournament that console players could bring their controllers and compete.

Anyway i know this is supposed to be posted on 2K forums since they are managing it.But yeah.I don’t like em neither i will go write in their forums.Maybe @DB_Sinclair can help us out on why this is happening again on Xbox?


I woulden’t hold my breath for PC. before tournaments with large prize pools, they ought to go through 1 or even 2 ‘‘free to play’’ weekends on steam, to draw people who are on the fence in.

atm they arrent exactly giving anyone a vibe that says ***we care deeply about our PC players, and their playerbase needs help, were on it!***.

@MacMan @Chloe @DamJess

I don’t mean to sound toxic or distrustful, but the PC playerbase is at an alltime low. and you’re not showing any initiative to attempt to fix it, other than throw out weekend events, that turn more people away from the game than to it.


i would, on behalf of monsters everywhere.

did you know that console players can use Aim-Assist? and that it’s grossly broken ?.


W/e.In PAX east Pushing Daises proved that it doesn’t even matter.They beat them and i’m sure with the practise every team is doing on PC right now they won’t care either.But again i dont want to sound like a douchebag since i’m playing on PC.But the PC is the platform that needs those tournaments.People need to see that there are stuff going on over here.So people can start thinking of buying it.Why would they even want more console advertising since they have a strong playerbase anyway


the PC playerbase needs a couple of free-to-play weekends or even weeks, on steam, before tournaments im afraid.

a big prize pool might draw in a few houndred players, but it wont build a solid foundation from wich tournament play can exist without lifesupport.


As much as I want to see a tournament for PC at this scale, I hope this will help kick start the competitive scene for Xbox.


Why not both?Do the PC tournament in a weekend while giving a free-to-play access for the time the tournament is being played(the weekend) and also have a discount for the game during that weekend.If i remember correctly the xbox or ps4 had something like 70k people playing and in PC we are slowly dying.


The thing is, there was already a 15k prizepool tourney on xbox. To advertise both the game and the movie Chappie.

I just got my hopes up bigtime, untill I read the part about Xbox exclusive :’(


I love this game so much and think it has a lot of potential it just needs to be given some help and a chance. Unfortunately you had thous bellends like Angry Joe just slate the game with miss information before it came out which I think had a big effect on how many people would give it a chance on PC. This game has so much potential and I will keep playing it regardless but there is only so much we can do without the companies help.

TBH making it free to play might be the way forward but reward people who bought it before abit like what HoN did so like PC Monster race players give them all characters and monsters free but keep the skins pay only etc I think that would help it greatly.

But even if they don’t make it F2P it still has a chance on PC if they just give us one


yeah, I know. :confused:


The money they will be making off Microsoft for the exclusivity of the tournament dwarfs the amount they are giving away. It may sound harsh but they really don’t care about your opinion. If they said they did then it would obviously be PR crap just to come out with some kind of dignity but don’t let them fool you. I too would have competed on PS4, or PC but hey life goes on and they know it because what makes the business world spin? Money.

If you think we are still in the glory days of gaming where it was actually about gaming then you are incredibly wrong. It’s a sad truth but hey nevermind.


International 1 for Dota 2.


There’s no aim assist on the Railgun QQ.


The difference there is that the game you are speaking about is a PC exclusive title. Evolve like many other games spans multiple platforms. Valve didn’t exactly have a choice in what bases to cover. 2K and TRS does.


Yeah i agree with you that this has to do with the xbox exclusivity.But they also do it for marketing so they can get more money.This is marketing just like Valve did with the International.Its a risk yeah but it payed out really well.I’m not saying where are the million tournaments.I’m just saying do the right thing for your damn game.I know they don’t give many fcks about us but i’m okay with a win-win situation.You market your game with those small tournaments and i will compete on them.


there are 100 people playing on pc nowadays
it would be extremely stupid for them to host a tourney for pc hahahah


To add to my orginal post.

I’m glad they’re doing tournaments. But they should at least give the other platforms something in return.
Even a smaller tournament with only like a 500 prizepool, would still be better than nothing.

I just know that ALOT of PC players are playing/working their ass off on/for this game. And then seeing that xbox is getting all the ‘love’ while its playerbase is alot more casual (even though its bigger) than PC’s playerbase made alot of people pissed off or feel disappointed.

Or a suggestion I have it to make one tournament with cross-platform play. Xbox players can easily play on PC by just plugging in a controller, so this would bring the PC/Xbox playerbase together. (Look at PAX EAST, it worked out perfect in that tournament)


I too want TRS and Evolve to do really well but sadly we are looking at a publisher/ developer with a different content creation ethic to other developers. Think of it like the early modern Ubisoft and EA. 2K is kind of running behind by implementing questionable DLC choices, etc and the same backlash happened with many of EA and Ubisoft’s other games. What do you think happened? They died out. Look at Evolve. Same thing. Maybe they just need to slap some cold water in their faces and wake up.


What about spanners? did you forget your lovable rascal ? :smiley: