Where's the Fair Use?


So as many of you know online media, especially YouTube, is a tricky thing. Companies put claims on videos, jeopardies content creator’s lives, and is a stressful way to live. Let’s try to change that.


Youtube's New System
Youtube: Fair Use and Copyright

Yea my friends and I saw this a while ago and fully agree. Unfortunately YouTube has no real incentive to change things since they are a monopoly. I am hopeful that something may happen.



Really glad a popular channel is also joining the fight.

YMS has had his fair share of rants against them.


#Where’s The Fucking Ukelele

Oh right, hashtags don’t work here. On topic though, It’s just not right that YouTube allows this. But we all know they’re not going to change it. They’re just going to sit back on their fat, money-filled pockets and laugh at the creators who have no choice but to go to them to make a profit, regardless of how shitty the system is.


This was a good video and something a lot of people don’t realize is an issue with Youtube. The moment money became involved the system fell apart. Before when Youtube didn’t really have monetization the way that it does now, there were very few issues with copyright laws and fair use. Tis sad to see, but not unexpected.


You watching nostalgia critic? Shoot. Plus one fr you.


Every Wednesday and the VLOGS.


love YMS. He’s the first person I ever heard about how bad the content ID system was and how abuse of youtube policy effects channels.


Yeah he definitely did.

I also respect him a ton cause when he started his personality/reviewing style was very unprofessional. He received criticism and rectified that situation while still being himself.


to this day he is hands down my favorite film critic.


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