Where's my founder title?

i bought evolve like 2 weeks after it’s release. and today, when it became F2P, a friend of mine told me to go back and try it again, and i would be a founder, but when i entered, i began with a totall new account. and i want my old account back.

i tried loggin in my account but it seems to be deleted, and i don’t know why.

What do you mean, when you entered? When you entered Steam? Did you create a new Steam account since you purchased Evolve?

no, i already had a steam account, and the game linked with it

i tried to get in with the same account as before in steam

i think he meant when he launched the game, the account was totally new.

just wanna ask though, did you get 30K silver keys when you went into the game. As for account progression level, perks and such, the game has been reworked with a new system and all the previous progression are no longer there.

no, i didnt

for account level, hunter, monster, and perks all are reset and everyone starts the same.

The difference is that you get 30K keys, and all the characters that you bought using $ previously are unlocked immediately at no cost.

yeah, but for some reason i didn’t received any of those. idk if it’s because there wasn’t any store or money system when i arrived for the first time

Well you have to bring it up with 2K support then. Or the TRS guys here.


Calvin is correct. Please see this post and submit a support ticket with 2K

Yea i’m having the same issue, I already put my ticket up at 2k a few days ago, but no response so far so it may take some time to get it fixed.

Yeah, 2K support seems to be pretty bogged down with requests right now, so they may take a few days to get back to you.

Did you previously play Evolve on PC - not on consoles? Because they don’t transfer over (yet anyway).

And you linked your 2k account as well?

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I was about to write that