Where's Hank's Orbital's knockback? :(


Why did you tune down the knockback from OG Hank’s orbital? :frowning:

I was using it to catapult myself or other focused hunters away from the monster when being focused or to catapult myself towards the monster on the chase all the time. It was my 5th jetpack boost. :smiley:
It was the one thing that differentiated the orbital barrage (OG Hank) from the orbital drill (Tech Sgt. Hank).


I’ve actually had some trouble with the knockback, Hanks on my team sometimes prevent me from chasing the monster after it disengages.


Hands orbital also used to lock you out from doing things (like Markov using lightning gun on monster) which was rather annoying.


It was a perfect trolling tool

Bad medic, doesn’t heal, orbital him into monster.
Bad trapper, doesn’t dome, orbital him into the monster.
Bad assault, doesn’t do damage, orbital him into the monster.


Well, currently I Tech Hank seems to be the obvious choice. His Orbital is better, his shielding is simpler and he can shield himself. I’m not sure but it felt like OG Hank’s shield charges more quickly. If that’s the case, it might be the only thing in which he is better right now…


The current orbital does still knockback and it still can be annoying for other hunters.

So, what if the knockback would only affect Hank? He could use it as a boost somewhere but it wouldn’t interrupt what other hunters are doing…

Like Junkrat’s trigger mine from Overwatch.