Where's Behemotth on the store?


Was checking out the prices on the PSN store. Hunting Season pass is there, okay, but it doesn’t include Behemoth. All I see are skins and skins and the season pass. Where is Behemoth?

Yes, I preordered. I even preodered the digital deluxe. But 2K doesn’t want to let me play on my actual account. I don’t know if I’m going to shell out the money for any of this for the fucking second time, but I was just checking out the prices. Since my account doesn’t have a preorder, it shouldn’t have Behemoth.


Guess he isn’t in the shop yet (for that matter, neither are the new hunters) and will only be put there when it is actually put in game.

NB : I do have the PC monster race edition, so I may not see Behemoth or the new hunters straight away since I technically have them already.


The hunting season pass is there so that’s kind of the new hunters, but if you mean individual purchases, then yeah, I don’t see those on the store. Guess it might take a while.


Is it in the in-game store?


Stores haven’t been updated with DLC afaik. Besides the Hunting Season Pass which has been up since launch, just ppl who had it pre-ordered or pre-purchased got it unlocked in the update. Even some DLC from the in-game store isn’t up on Steam yet and consoles have later schedules. They prolly just got started today as a surprise bonus since there’s so much stuff coming.


Allow up to 48 hours for the store to get updated.


u could just buy it from a keystore if u rly wanna play it right now