Where's Behemoth when you need him?


I don’t know why, I used to kickass as the Goliath, but now I’m the one who gets ass-kicked. I need Behemoth now as I suck ass as Kraken and Wraith, and Gorgon is at least better than these 2. From playing against bots, I can see that he has a very good potential to be a good monster.


Behemoth is the best monster! He just needs some fixing


Now you just wait there dude, be patient devs are trying there best to balance them all so we all could enjoy the game :slight_smile: I agree behemoth for me is the best :laughing: cause hes the most Heavy crushing Monster


As a founder I can currently play Behemoth but he is EXTREMELY imbalanced in every aspect that’s why he’s disabled to non-founders. I’m guessing the only reason founders can play him is so they don’t complain about spending money on a monster they can’t use. If you have any questions as to why he’s disabled and what his apparent flaws are, refer to my post linked below that gives incite on it.Behemoth needs HELP


Just to clarify, it’s not completely founders that get him, only those who previously had him in Legacy. :slight_smile:


Oh :sweat: sorry for the misinformation on my part. I was incorrect in assuming that being a founder and owning him in legacy was somewhat the same thing.



He and Goliath are my favorite Monsters and he’s pretty far from best Monster. Although, right now, he’s a lot better for Founders who have him, since his roll has become much more maneuverable, heavily increasing his mobility.