Where's all the Crow mains now?

Bro. Everyone who buys him is gonna make him their main lol.

I bought them all before the game was launched, doesn’t mean the other 3 are going to be my mains. ^.-

Or some people that cheat the system with solo play :wink:

Oh yeah, but I’m just saying. He’s no assault.

Trappers are never going to be an assault (we hope…).



dat mix message.

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Speaking of Assault, anyone have any idea how much damage the new guys shrapnel amplifies?

I believe it means- High rate of fire+large clip=good damage
Charged shot+slow fire rate=mediocre damage

I’m more interested in Torvald and Sunny myself.

If his sniper/Gobi/ Stun gun gives the the thrill anywhere near what I get from the harpoon gun.

I am sold for life!

Sam Fisher reborn!

I’m thinking I might be a Torvald/Slim main in the future. We’ll have to see how Torvald stacks against Markov (I think it will be favorable), but Slim sounds exactly like the kinda Medic I wanna play.

I believe his amp marks do extra 50% when hit.

I looked into Markov further after that last [post][1] and it looks like Torvald have a long road ahead of him :confounded: Unless his mortar is godly.

[1]: Cabot breaks Evolves assault-support design

Well, Lightning Gun + Arc Mines is a beastly combo, but I’m thinking all 3 of Torvald’s weapons will be viable. Homemade weakspots via grenade, a shotgun that presumably fires faster than Parnell’s normally does (autofire), and a mortar cannon for close OR long range? That sounds pretty freakin good.

You’ll get the area denial & presumably high damage of mines (which are being toned down) from the mortars, and you’ll get both continuous damage & increased damage with the other weapons.

I’ll find out pretty quick when I play them obsessively until Elite.

I was gonna just get the behemoth but man do I want to be mongol hunter in SPACE with this bat thing for can eagle and sniper rifle instead of composite bow.

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You mean who doesn’t wanna slow the monster by shooting it. Cause that’s what he does best :wink:

Chalk me up as quite excited for Crow. I like anything with a sniper rifle and his slow/bird sound pretty sweet. We’ll see how it pans out though as imo abe is the worst of the trappers thanks to his lack of 'poons in combat. If you can hold the slow shot charged until you want to release it then that could be veeery effective for saving focussed teammates. Timing your slow shot with them jetpack boosting away.

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I don’t know about being my main, but I like Maggie and this guy looks like a decent “sidegrade” to Maggie

He was hinting that Crow can pop through armor but that the damage isn’t great, just situationally useful.