Where's all my stuff?


So I’m sure this is a stupid easy question to answer, but I’m having troubles. I bought the Evolve PC Monster Race version on Steam, and I’m wondering exactly what skins/hunters it’s supposed to have unlocked.

Furthermore, where can I view them in-game? I’ve only played solo monster missions so far but from what I can tell I don’t have any skins to equip. Are they only available in multiplayer or am I missing something?



There are no hunter skins with the PCMR. Only monster skins (magma set and savage goliath).
What you do have is instant-access to the 4 new hunters and 4th monster coming up soon. As well as the 5th monster and the following 2 hunters, when they are finally released.

To equip skins: click on “customize” while you’re picking your hunter/monster in the gamelobby.


Yeah, I know it’s only monster skins, sorry I didn’t specify, but even those I don’t seem to have.

In fact in solo evacuation the customize button is greyed out and unclickable.


Check your installed DLC of Evolve in your Steam library.

Right click on Evolve in your steam library, then select properties. There is a DLC section in there, check if it’s installed


Crap, I was hoping that would be it, but it has all four (hunting season pass, monster expansion, monster race and savage goliath skin) checked and installed.

I guess I should be contacting support then?


The extra monster skins are not in game yet - you will get them automatically when they are completed!


Alright, thanks.