Where's a good place to start a gaming blog?


Where’s a good place to start a gaming blog?


I absolutely love Wordpress.com

check out some of my work!

Its also free :wink:


I use Wordpress for my personal site, it’s more legit than Tumblr or Blogger.

And here are some awesome free themes you could use


Another vote for wordpress.

Loads of free themes, very nice layout, no annoyances, decent-ish community, etc.

Been using it as my platform for my blog for over a year and I only have good things to say about it.


If you want it quick and dirty go for wordpress, its fast so setup and there are tons of free themes. But the core code is outdated and its not state of the art.

If you want the biggest player then go for TYPO3 but its not out of the box a blogging software, you have to write some TypoScript and you will need some extensions to get a nice but then powerful blog.

If you want a merge of both sides go for Contao its my favorite cause all templates are written in PHP and no meta language like TypoScript. There are tons of extensions out there.