Wherein I Spend 7,000 Words Writing About Terry Pratchett


Took me about six months after his death to unpack my thoughts on the man. May be of some interest to fellow nerds and fans of Evolve’s writing.


what in Sam Vimes do you think I have time to read all that?

I’m just kidding. I’ll look at it shortly.

I loved the pictures of him in this shirt lol

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I didn’t know he had died, it’s sad to hear.
I’m in the process of reading the discworld novels atm

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I heard his daughter is finishing some books he didn’t get to complete. Is that true?

I don’t think so. She explicitly said she wasn’t going to do that. She considers the Disc her father’s legacy and doesn’t want to muck it up.

So he was a writer that died recently and you liked his books? Am I correct?

One of the best.

He was a great writer. Was sad to see him go.


This reminds me of when Ray Bradbury passed away. My favorite author ever and I kind of knew he wasn’t in great health for awhile now, but it was still sad to see a legend like that go.

My all time favorite author was Charles Dickins so I cant say I was sad when he died. I know he wrote mostly for housewives but I have to say he is my favorite just for Oliver Twist alone. That book is amazing.

R.I.P. Didn’t hear of it before reading this.
I guess he can see if death really is like in discworld.

Man, I’m real depressed now.

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Wait, HE DIED!? When!? :sob:

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Quite a while ago actually.

I should really keep up with stuff like this.

I was sad to hear when he passed away. That being said, I enjoy his books and even a couple of the discworld boardgames out there. They are not the greatest, but they capture the zany randomness of things.

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Terry pratchett has always been one of my favorite authors. I started his discworld series my freshmen year of high school and just finished his final installment two weeks ago. I’ve found his stories to be amazing in the best of ways. His characters were exceptional and he really crafted an incredible world. He managed to interlace fantasy and comedy so seamlessly it blew my mind. Anyone who hasn’t read his books, go do it. Right now.

The day he died was so sad. He was one of the key roles in shaping my tastes for both reading and humor. May he rest in peace. I recently discovered a hugely overlooked book by him called “The last hero” - it was a perfect love letter for the fans of discworld. I admit, seeing so many characters he wrote in one story after his death made me cry a bit.

I gotta say Matthew, I really dig your writing on his series. I agree with a lot that you had to say. Very eloquent!

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I keep hearing so many good things about the Discworld series. I have no idea how I missed it in my younger years-- I read every book in my school library I that looked remotely interesting, but nobody ever told me about Discworld until very recently.

I want to read Pratchett’s books, I know I will like them but there are so many! :worried: My reading queue is already overflowing!
I can’t fit as much reading into my week as I used to-- once my gaming obsession is satiated I usually get through a chapter or two a night before I’m K.O.'d. :sleeping:

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