Where will B4B launch on PC?

Hello, I have seen that the graphic engine used is Unreal Engine 4 so I want to ask if they plan to take it out as an exclusive from Epic Games Store to reduce development costs. If they cannot respond to this or are not sure it is understandable. If you can respond, I would like to know if there are plans to take it out on steam, another launcher, or an own launcher. P.S. This comment is made from the most sincere respect, I do not want to bother with company controversies. THANKS

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Greetings SyOlker_01!

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So far, the only information available about B4B is the one in the FAQ thread, right here:

If you want to stay updated on anything related to B4B, then I suggest you keep an eye on TRS’ official Discord channel and their forums.

Also, you’re not bothering anyone with your questions! Your genuine interest is appreciated. :heart:


Thanks I will be watching


@SyOlKer_01 SyOlker_01, I just wanted to take the time to welcome you to the forums and I hope you stay and get to enjoy our wonderful community here.


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