Where to redeem code?


So… Somehow I obtained some kind of a code which unlocs something in Evolve …

Where can I input it ? Is there any "code redeem " option in evolve ? Or do I have to inup lt to steam ?


Probably steam.At the top click Games->Activate a product in Steam


I’m guessing you are on the PC version?



@WiBaKi oke I will try it, but I believe it is Evolve exclusive, so I am not sure if it works via that steam thing . But I will give it a try


Let us know what you find out.


If its a Hunter or Behemoth then you should do it in Steam.Its basically a DLC added to your account


Well I dont know what it is . Guy who gave it to me said its a secret stuff :smiley: . Tomorow I will try

Now I am gonna sleep bb all thx for advice


Secret stuff o.o


That means its not evolve code! When code is applied, he’ll forever have an erotic dating sim listed under his game list on profile.


But he just wants Hyde-senpai’s love, is that two much to ask?


I’m no expert, but if a random guy gives you a random code and says it’s “Secret Evolve Stuff”, it may not be the wisest idea to use it.

Then again, I know nothing of how Steam Codes work.


@ToiletWraith may have an issue with that though :open_mouth:


Hyde is my husbando, nobody else can has.