Where to get Hunting season 2?

Ok, so despite the development stop, I want to switch back to Evovle legacy. That part is no problem. Unfortunately I didn’t buy the hunting season 2 DLC before Stage 2 and now it disappeared in the Steam store.

So my question, where can I get the DLC to complete Evolve legacy?

You can probably buy it online somewhere. Also, I love the use of the Support category!

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G2A is your friend.

Yeah, see it’s nowhere to be found. Either it isn’t in the sortiment or it is sold out.

Same. :angrysquirrel:

I have a gift copy of PC Monster Race in my Steam inventory that I could sell / trade to you possibly.

(Ok, I’ve seen too many threads that I could respond to and decided to finally register.)

Apparently, you now get all the DLCs unlocked by just having the base legacy evolve. I got info from here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/273350/discussions/0/276237094305483742/
Would be nice if anyone could confirm.