Where Ranked Stands After 2 Weeks on PC

This is my follow up to last weeks post. I have linked to that post here:

Here are the charts from this week (top) and last week (bottom) for comparison:


Now we should start to get a better idea of how the current ranked system is working. As before here are some observations:

  • I am happy to report the ranked population has grown by 33% overall in the last week (hunters +30%, and monsters +41%). The ratio of ranked hunters to monsters is now 3.49 vs 3.77 last week. (5716 hunters & 1639 monsters)
  • Monster rank distribution seems to be pretty stable with the increase in monsters appearing in the lower ranks.
  • Unfortunately hunter distribution is also pretty static with 91% of hunters found in just 3 ranks (Bronze Elite to Silver Skilled). In Bronze Elite and Destroyer alone you will find 71% of hunters encompassing a very broad range of skill from totally new players still learning character abilities to seasoned veterans with hundreds of hours. I know TRS are looking at ways to improve this, and look forward to seeing what changes they make in the near future.

I would say that after two weeks the biggest challenge is how to improve the rank distribution for hunters. New and low skilled hunters are getting ranked in Bronze Elite rather than being placed in the lowest bronze tiers until they learn the basics and gain experience which seems to ‘trap’ too many players in the top two bronze ranks. The addition of more Bronze monsters may help some over time, but the charts show there has been no improvement the past week (it seems to have gotten a little worse). I think adding individual performance to the hunter scoring system would be great, but I am sure TRS will find and implement a good solution.


I think if you have less than a certain number of hours or level in game, you don’t do placement. You just get thrown in Bronze Skilled and start climbing.

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Placement matches are required less for the initial points, and more for nailing down how the system expects your results to go.

I find it odd there is no bronze 5 players…at all.

Yeah wait, that can’t be accurate. I’ve seen Bronze Skilled in game before.

Bronze 1 you mean?

oh right…his chart says 1. but im used to league, where 1 is the best and 5 is the worst.

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I don’t think there are “seasoned veterans” in bronze. Play time and elites does not equal skill. I know there are some “trapped” hunters, but usually they are only worth 1 or 2 levels above them. Someone who should be in silver 4 would not be in bronze 5.
In my experience, even silver 1 don’t know what they are doing sometimes. 95% of bronze 5 are just awful. Don’t even get me started on bronze 4.

For reference, I am in Bronze 4 and me and Bronze 4/5’s almost always get matched against Silver 2’s and 3’s. We lose those.

When we finally get a Bronze 5 monster, we usually win.

The rankings are a bit wonky at the moment.

Are you on PC? These figures are PC only.

Indeed I am.

i never saw a bronze skilled.

Has anyone seen a Bronze Skilled on PS4 or X1?

How could you possibly know how many there are? When it only takes 1 player to lose a match for 3 others there is potential for lots of players to be unable to advance except in a premade with other skilled players. 70 percent of the players should not be jammed in 2 rank levels. This is not a test where you get a score based on the number of problems you solve correctly and everyone could get the same score. This is supposed to distribute players based on their skill relative to one another. Those players in Bronze 4 & 5 should be spread over 5 to 6 ranks if the system was working properly.

Okay, realistically its more like 50% of bronze 5 players are bad. I do see that points though, that it only takes one player to drag down a team. Makes sense.

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All I can say is that this afternoon when I gathered the data there were no players in the leader board in the Bronze Skilled Rank. There also weren’t any last week when I checked.

I am really enjoying this weekly commentary and general analysis. Good work on this @TAYLOE . I hope that you can keep updating this information over the next few weeks at least for comparison while the algorithm settles itself out.

I definitely agree that some kind of individual performance factors need to be incorporated on the Hunter side of the algorithm but I freely admit the difficulty of this after reading through some of the discussions that we have seen here on the forum. The tricky part is how it could be implemented fairly with so many variables at play.

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I am a “seasoned veteran” who is trapped in bronze. I can almost solo bronze destroyer monsters, but against silver level monsters I cant carry a group who is terrible. By which I mean get eaten by plants on the far side of the map while I furiously ping the monster.

I actually succeeded in soloing a silver skilled monster as Parnell, I got some support in the form of a bucket who was afk (he spun at drop point the entire game) and managed to not get killed until I respawned (ok, the other 2 did give me a shorter respawn timer). The fact an AFK player was my biggest aid is so sad, espescially because the monster lost.


This times a billion. Something needs to separate us.

Yes all the time, in every match I try and play really. I am silver skilled and I have never seen 1 other person in silver (I play as hunters). Everyone is either bronze destroyer, bronze skilled, or still determining rank.

Edit: I play on PS4. Forgot to mention that in my original post.