Where Ranked Stands after 1 week on PC

I am not saying the player base is too small. :confused:

The ratio of hunters to monsters is almost 4 to 1 which is even. It really depends on when and how frequently the monsters and hunters play. There may be times of day where matchmaking times are longer due to a mismatch in player numbers, but you can’t tell that from the rank data.

The issue I was referring to was that there are more high ranking silver monsters than Silver ranking hunter teams and fewer bronze ranking monsters than bronze ranking hunter teams. More players might not fix this issue, it would probably make it worse!

That being said, I would certainly like to see the PC player base increase, and if you check the steam stats you will see that the 30 day average has gone up 2.5% compared to the last full month. That is the first long term player base increase since launch! I would say that is a step in the right direction and is directly due to TRS’s continued work on the game: http://steamcharts.com/app/273350. I hope that more players come back to enjoy the changes in the game, and the new hunters!

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Thanks, I hoped this would be of benefit to the community!

Thank you very much for the excellent analysis, Tayloe.

[quote=“TAYLOE, post:1, topic:68396”]
I am seeing at least one player in almost every PuG match that is a either a new player learning the game or a lower level casual player, but they are ranked Bronze Elite and they lose games for otherwise decent teams[/quote]

This currently is the biggest problem. And the overall frustration resulting from it is getting toxic.

Perhaps this could be a solution:

  1. The new monster rating is ok, but the hunter ranking is deeply flawed. Therefore, please dump the hunter rating and start from scratch.

  2. Restart a new 10 games evaluation for hunters.

  3. This time use the player level again for matchmaking (as the in months before), grouping hunters of a similar level (play time) together (level 0-10, 10-20, 20-30…)

  4. Let these hunter groups play against the newly formed monster divisions, so that hunter beginners are evaluated against the easiest monsters and hunter veterans are evaluated against the hardest monsters.

After this 2nd evaluation round, the hunter divisions could make more sense.


You’re welcome!

I would say you can’t dump the current system for just hunters as the monster and hunter systems depend on each other. The Devs could add additional metrics to the hunters ranking algorithm though.

Also there is still an issue of not enough lower ranking monsters for the number of lower ranking hunters to play and win mores matches against. This means that instead of bronze players having a 50/50 win loss ratio once stabilized, they have something more like a 25/75 win loss record or worse, but they don’t drop in rank because the losses are all -1 pt against Silver Master or above. As the losses mount it can be demoralizing and take much of the fun out of the game.

This is why a handicapping system could help since it would allow the bronze hunters to play against high silver monsters on a more level playing field and provide more opportunities for improving your rank both as hunter and monster. It also has the benefit of only being used when needed. Whenever monsters and hunters are matched in ranking there would be no handicap in effect.

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That’s why I suggested initial stratification of the playerbase by hours played which is about as good a metric of skill as you are likely to get. Would stop good solo players being trapped in bronze by giving them decent team mates. The system as it stands seems to struggle differentiating.
There was always going to be more bronze monsters than hunters using this method because the team is as strong as the weakest member. I assume that once you get into silver as a hunter you will be placed with silver and out of the woods. I’m not going to complete my placement matches until I get a full team though because otherwise I’ll get stuck in bronze.
Won the first 4 placements with my team, lost the next 3 playing with only a 2 stack despite almost soloing a kraken with jack (bloody pounced). Losing to some truly horrible monsters. Why on earth wasn’t there an initial stratification?

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Just a truly excellent post, @TAYLOE, thanks for this.

I consider the practically nonexistent B1-3 ranks to be the single biggest problem here. If we could pull the worst players out of B4 and B5 and put them in those three ranks it would go a long way toward letting people trapped in bronze advance appropriately, which would create more silver teams, which would in turn allow monsters to are trapped in silver to move up. Your suggestion to allow the lowest bronze ranks to rank up vs. monster bots is also excellent, this will stop people getting ‘trapped’ in B1-2 as well as alleviating the current lack of bronze monsters. If you have really mastered the basics you should have no problem carrying a team to victory vs a monster bot.

For starters, anyone who is not at least level 10 should be immediately shunted to B1. Anyone not at least level 20, to B2. Allow them to rank up if they win enough to be sure without requiring a minimum level, but new players shouldn’t start of with rank determination matches, they should start of just bottom tier. The fact that just by fluke if nothing else they will be on the winning side of at least a couple of placement matches, combined with there are few bronze monsters, is why they end up in Bronze Elite or Destroyer; they don’t really belong there and they make it too difficult for people to move up.

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I think this is why we don’t have low level monster players. Because the higher skilled players are stuck in Bronze league, they are absolutely wrecking the newbros that play monster for the first few times. And over time, as the bronze league hunters get destroyed repeatedly by silver league monsters, they too will eventually quit. Not all of them of course, but a lot of the newbros will. Hence, why we see so many threads saying “Monsters OP!” here on the forums.

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This is what I feel is happening to me. Not saying I’m super skilled but many games I play it is very simple mistakes that end up losing us the game. Trapper just running around and not doming, medic not healing at all, bad character picks…etc. It seems impossible to rank up as hunter as I might as well flip a coin to determine if we will win or lose the match. The only way I could see getting to high ranks would be to play with a group, good luck if you are solo. Perhaps there should be a separate ranking for those playing in parties like in Dota2.

I agree with the guy that said matchmaking should take into account hours played. The best the matchmaking ever for me was right after release when it matched by level. Since I had played a lot I got matched with others who were also high levels and many games were fun. That quickly ended after a few weeks though as many players reached the level cap.

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I actually read that whole post, and I feel like you owe me something. Doesn’t have to be major, maybe a nice fruit basket?

I do notice , lesser/ no solo queue hunters . Most of the time its a group of 4x0 or 2x2

another problem is, when i play with my friends who are bronze, we get a silver destroyer monster or even gold because i’m the only silver destroyer in the group… it feels not fair.

another huge problem is that low levels play ranked from the beginning and don’t have any clue about the game. some people say the system will do the job and the “better bronzes and low silvers” will get away from them… but it isn’t working. they lose games because of them and don’t get out of bronze.


You should be thanking me for providing an opportunity to exercise your reading comprehension! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out of pure curiosity to compare the size of the player bases on the different platforms, I scanned down the lists on the XB1 leaderboards and here is what I found.

Bronze: 5408
Silver: 1845
Gold: 21
Total: 7274

Bronze: 546
Silver: 1553
Gold: 19
Total: 2118

Ratio = 3.43 hunters per monster.

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One of the most frustrating thing was the new match making is the fact that skilled hunters are grouped up with inexperienced hunters. Against a good monster, every hunter needs to be able to play their role. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the current moment.

Maybe new players should go through the old leveling up system? lower the leveling up point requirements and once they reach say level 30-35, then the ranked match system gets unlocked for them.


Agreed with this. Trying to work something like this in.

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Also think this is a good idea and something we’d like to see.

Yeah. That’s a longer term goal for us as well. Makes a lot of sense to incubate new players before dumping them into a ranked system.


I just vomited in my mouth a little.


I agree, there are a lot of total new players and hunter team must be well coordinated. You might be amazing nr 1 trapper. But when your assault goes and kills himself before dome or dpsing only with minigun in close range or your medic dont know he’s suppoused to heal team up you’re screwed.
It’s ranked, it should queue at least a bit experienced players that know basic. There is solo for safe practice.

Good stuff. Appreciate that implementing a ranked system from scratch was always going to be a slow start.

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