Where is the third person for hunters?


So where is the third person for hunters like the new trailer promised…i cant seem to find it.


There is no third person view for Hunters. Where did it say that?


its in the new trailer.


That’s observer mode


It showed them running around in 3rd person or it stated that you can play in 3rd person?

Edit: @BEAF for the win


The new trailer shows third person gameplay its awesome.


See BEAF’s response, that was Observer Mode.


So there wont be third person for hunters ???


Not in general gameplay, no.


Ok :frowning:

i just saw the new trailer and thought there would be third person view for hunters.


This should never be a thing. Too advantageous for hunters.


Not in this game , maybe in battlefield , call of duty , counter strike , yes i would agree with you if the matter was about those games , but not in this game , third person in this game for the hunters doesnt matter at all , any other game maybe yes , but not this game, again i say not in this game , it just doesnt matter .


It shouldn’t be a thing in any of those games. Especially not in this one


Not in this game , third person for hunters doesnt matter at all , cornering in this game doesnt exist.
Anyway gl with the reboot .


Word… I guess


May I close this Topic now that your question was answered?


Third person for the Hunters would be absolutely terrible. That needs to NEVER happen.




Question was answered- OP, feel free to PM me if you want it open again!