Where is the Human Military?


If humanity has spread throughout the stars, where is its huge fleet of super powerful warriors and machines that should be combatting these genocidal monsters? If a race of super powerful creatures that is hell bent on killing every human that lives, why is humanity only throwing a few hunters at them? If a few hunters can kill these monsters, why not deploy a huge invasion force on Shear, with soldiers equipped with the same weapons and equipment as the hunters? Unleash humanity’s wrath! Why doesn’t mankind unite and deploy one large force to destroy the monsters?


The monsters have been attacking outer colonies that are not controlled by HUB which has military from what I understand. Factions within HUB have sent people like Val to gain information on the monsters and attacks that have happened.


why do they only go in 4 at a time tho?


For the same reason we do not fight multiple Behemoths at the same time. Balance and stuff.


All I know is… Well, I think I know… It was Parnell’s idea.


Yeah, these are remote locations, and even ftl travel takes time.

At 1000x light speed it would take almost 180 years to cross the galaxy,

2 weeks to get to the nearest star to our own. And just how important is one privately owned colony on the fringe of the empire to warrant a months long military excursion


Its a min-max situation, maximize effectiveness, while minimizing potential losses.


They come back in the ship if they die tho


Thats for game balance, for lore reasons, they only drop in teams of four.


Each round someone plays is not exactly canon. As of right now all the hunters have survived, no one really dies.


And Parnell says teams of four because it’s a good number to go against the monsters, not too little and not too many. Bucket drops off 1 team of four, then drops off another. After doing this he returns for the first team of four for pickup.


From my understanding as well, the Hunters arrived on Shear shortly after the Monsters did. Could be that word has only just really begun to spread about them, seeing that they had no idea what they were when they arrived.

How long was Cabot’s crew in FTL enroute to Shear? 6 weeks (Seems to stick out in my head for some reason, someone correct me if I’m wrong!)? When they left they believed they were just merely going in to Planet Tame. To my knowledge, they had no clue Monsters would be there.

So, considering that by Canon lore, the Evac ships escapes, I wouldn’t think any less than 6 weeks to reach civilization, and best case 6 weeks for any sort of armed response, if any were available (See the Hub / Outer Rim posts earlier), and that’s even if it was deemed worth doing, since by then the planet would be so far gone to the Monsters it would be a planetary invasion we’d be looking at, not a rescue/counter attack op.

How long has it been in game since release? Caira mentions she hasn’t slept in ~12 days, but even so that’s to say it’s just been the last time, not that that’s how long she’s actually been there :stuck_out_tongue:

At the very least, unless she didn’t sleep before reaching Shear, they’ve been there for a week beyond the events of Evac.

So… I’d think that’s likely the reason, OP. Simply not enough time has passed. People who don’t know about the Monsters simply still don’t know, as the Evac ship is likely still in FTL travel right now.


Shear, as with all planets the monsters have hit so far, is in the Far Arm. As such it is controlled by corporate feudalism and not Hub, meaning its military force consists of private contractors. Ebonstar is highly competent, but only in conventional warfare. Anti aircraft cannons are worthless because the monsters don’t need ships to get planet side. EMP weapons are ineffective against organic targets. Defensive fortifications aren’t effective against enemies that can materialize inside the perimeter. While they may have more effective weapons, the monsters hit too hard and too fast for more effective countermeasures to be deployed. That said, one of the Evacuation ending texts mentions that Commander Park overhauls Ebonstar’s defenses and tactics to be useful against monsters on other planets.

As for the use of four man teams, that was Parnell’s idea. Four is shown to be enough to take one monster down, but small enough that the whole group isn’t crippled if a team gets wiped. Given the monster’s propensity for adaptation, it is also believed that if more hunters are deployed at once the monsters deployed will become more powerful in order to counter that. Given that a single monster could have wiped out Shear if the hunters weren’t there, but it is possible to kill a stage 3 Behemoth with a stage 1.3 Goliath minion, clearly the hunters are good enough that the size of the squad isn’t that impactful.


Have you ever looked at the planet while playing evacuation? I mean, the cut scene between the matches. Notice how the planet looks worse and worse after every day.
The monsters destroy the whole planet. Even if there were some big military available to fight them (which is not, as others have explained) it wouldn’t make any difference.

Also, the hunters who got sent to shear are not there to kill the monsters. They are just there to evacuate the remaining colonists. All that in just 5 days.
The costs of sending a whole army would by far outweigh the profit I guess.