Where is the Hide footprint buff?

It would be nice if the devs created a buff that hid a monsters footprints or made them fad away faster.

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That’s…not a bad idea.

Edit: But 5 minutes is a long time to hide footprints.

Wish all wildlife buffs were just utility not direct stat ups. This would be a cool buff, throw it on monkey.


Sneaking tho.
With an albino beetle.
Its crazy

Same place as the “See sneak prints” buff.


Love it! Very creative.

yup, good idea

ELITE DUNE BEETLE Confirmed . This is what I’ve always wanted. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat: I’ve always felt Evolve is missing something… image

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I don’t feel this would be a good idea. Hunters can see the monsters buff and change strategy accordingly, while a monster could attempt to sneak the whole game and not understand that it is pointless because it doesn’t have any effect due to such a buff on the hunters’ part.

I imagine something to make visible sneak prints could be devised to make it somewhat more reasonable, but just seeing sneak-prints when the monster has no real way of knowing would not be a good thing.

I made this suggestion back in November, but people seemed to shit on it. This seems to be getting some good attention though, so I’m giving it some more support!


Haha… more support.

I like that. I’m gonna steal that. :cabot:

Brilliant idea! Though it could be potentially more game changing than the damage, cooldown reduction or damage resistance buff.

Don’t feel bad, people instinctively shit on every idea unless it comes from the devs, then every idea is great… until it gets implemented, then it’s shit again.

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You meant the Hyde footprint buff. Heh.

bump de bump

It could be 3 or two minutes?

it wouldnt even have to hide them completly, maybe they just fade away faster, say 15 seconds and footprints disapear…

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