Where is the downloadable skins for the DLC hunters


I love skins in a evolve, but what is there to love when there is no skins for 3/4 of the DLC hunters. The only hunters that have buy-able skins is Emet and Kala and they only have on skin each! Thhe DLC Hunters need skins please put some out! I’ll buy them right away! I LOVE SKINS! thanks!


The problem with the skins as of now, is that TRS has been working on TU9 and the micropatch the past 6+ months. I assume after TU9 and the MP are released, they can focus more on skins for the DLC characters.

I’m trying to push TRS to make glitter skins:


There’s currently no skins in production as far as we know, sadly. A lot of us would love to see more skins overall, especially for DLC characters. There are a few DLC character skins that haven’t been handed out yet (one for Sunny, Slim, Crow, and Torvald) but they aren’t store skins.

There is a free Victory skin for each Tier 5 character that come with the Hunting Season 2 pass, as well as a buyable skin for Torvald and Slim (Ragnarok and Valkyrie respectively). All of Tier 4 has their own Arctic and Predator skins that were handed out as weekend challenge prizes, so it’s possible they could return in the future. Union Jack was recently awarded for Lennox, as well.

It’s not the most amazing selection, but there are at least a few. Hopefully TRS can create more in the future, especially the more popular skins like Night Hunter for T4 and T5. :slight_smile:


Like TU9 and the rest of the coming content I believe a lot of it is already ready to be put out. Meaning that they probably have a lot of skins for those hunters but simply can’t put them out untill they get the a-okay. No one knows why and apparently its something that can’t be discussed so don’t worry more skins will become available soon™.


I believe @LadieAuPair has said before that new skins require a title update to release (it’s technically new content, so that makes sense) and that’s why we haven’t seen new skins for awhile.


Really? I couldn’t find the skins for SLIM or torvald in the Xbox stor😕


That’s weird. If it’s like PC, the in-game store can bug out for individual people sometimes. I do see them on Xbox’s website store, though.


Kala has a Jellyfish skin and Emet has a Valkyrie skin.


Viper wants to know why there are no other skins for the other DLC characters besides Emet and Kala.

You need to work on your reading :wink:


Easy there, Buffalo Bill.

In all fairness, there are tons of skins already, and with TU09 there will be even more. I keep getting new ones for free through the Battlefy Community Tournaments. If you are impatient for new skins, try a tournament! You can compete for skins, including some exclusive ones that maybe you missed on a prior challenge or that are no longer available for purchase. You can sign up as a free agent or register a team of 5-7 for the next Battlefy Community Tournament.


I don’t have battlefy though😥. Is it free and how do you get it?


100% free and pretty easy to use! Check this link out: https://battlefy.com/turtle-rock-studios

It’s just a website that provides a digital template for people or organizations to create tournaments, set brackets, allow registrants (both full teams and free agents). It’s a cool service and it only requires you to make a free account. They never ask you for money, unless you sign up for a tournament that requires an entry fee (Evolve Community Tournaments never require fees) . Battlefy also organizes and hosts tournaments for Dota, League of Legends, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and all sorts of other games. I definitely recommend it.


Oh crap. Must’ve skipped over “DLC”. My apologies.


Oh sweet! I’ll look into that! Thanks!:+1:


Yes, new skins require a TU to put the content into the game.
There are some skins right now that are in the build but they’re still “locked.”

Just a couple weeks ago we had a weekend challenge and got a Lennox Union-Jack skin. www.evolvechallenges.com


What? People have been asking for T4 and T5 skins since each of their respective releases. They could have been working on these for a really long time. Plus, you can’t tell me that skins take many resources.

To the OP, I agree, it’s a downer there aren’t many skins. However, as mentioned, Torvald, Slim, Kala and Emet all have one skin. Also, you should’ve gotten skins for all eight characters when purchasing each season pass. Plus, T4 has Predator and Union Jack community skins and most of T5 has Union Jack.


The downloadable skins for DLC hunters are invisible so invisible they look like normal skins!


Well, not really.
I’m assuming the art department has been busy with the adaptations and the new game is starting concept development.


I don’t remember when T4 came out, but it was at least six months ago, no? Plus, they had been working on them for a long time prior. There has to be a better reason they didn’t make skins. Like, perhaps they thought they wouldn’t sell. Except, why only do Slim and Torvald? That makes little sense.

  1. Just because people have been asking for skins has no correlation for TRS making skins

  2. As the Behemoth tongue punching challenge demonstrated, TRS has Union Jack skins up their sleeve. They just need challenge weekends, and I suppose since the LB broke they don’t have a way of tracking progress. Unless they are just too busy with TU9 to make a challenge.

  3. They do take resources. Since TRS needs to pass any DLC skins through 2K. Not to mention they need a graphical designer to make the skin, which they need to be paid for their job. Otherwise Evolve would have more skins than CS;GO since TRS could push out a new skin every day if it’s as easy as you say it is.